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The summer buys the garment to must hope to hear ask cut part seeing Qing Dynast

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The dress is our human body " the 2nd skin " , summer dresses is close-fitting wear, so, when the summer comes, concerned expert is special remind, consumer should master corresponding knowledge, with better sanitation of choose and buy, safe summer wear.

In the life, people is when choose and buy and dress clothings, wash whether the price that often pays attention to the dress only, design, quality of a material, color, easily wait for an element, and oversight the problem of safe respect. Recently, the consumer of an investigation clew that comes from Chinese consumer society: Buy the dress to also get stationary point look.

Quality of dress of the part on the market makes a person care

As we have learned, the clothes that sells on the market at present is machined in production need to join auxiliary of all sorts of dye, dye in the process, in addition, dress produces a process to stem from the technology such as agglutinate, beater to handle the need of the respect, also can leave certain chemical material on dress, when these material remain reachs certain amount when, with respect to the harm that can cause different level to human body health.

The expert reminds: Summer wear of choose and buy has knowledge

Concerned expert says, people is in the problem that summer of choose and buy should note a few respects when the dress, wraparound rise even if want " look, hear, ask, cut " .

Look: If remain to exceed bid in the formaldehyde on dress, to human body respiratory tract and skin can produce intense stimulation, cause the disease such as respiratory tract inflammation and dermatitis thereby. The expert says, current and normal clothing manufacturer, can make clear among them formaldehyde content on the sign of dress, consumer ought to be examined carefully what contain formaldehyde to whether be less than a standard to ask among them.

Hear: When buying the dress goods that contacts directly with the skin, should open Wen Yiwen, do not buy have make the person feels unwell is excitant olfactory dress. The clothing that buys newly is worn bath had better have first before using (the dress except) that tags dry-clean, or with a few neutral scour undertakes cleaning, see eliminate share with dissolve harmful material.

Ask: Do not have blind faith in the product with high price or foreign brand blindly, "Price is high " may not " qualitative actor " , foreign brand also the assurance that may not is quality, want to examine label label and service instruction carefully, without the specification of Chinese, want to ask clear source to bazaar clerk. Our country " textile and dress service instruction " regulation, dress should be mixed with the demonstrative label of the product certificate of approval, demonstrative label includes product name, brand, date label, product to carry out name of company of method of composition of standard, fiber, catharsis, production, address, phone. Among them: Method of composition of norms, fiber, catharsis must be permanent label. It is clear when dress of consumer choose and buy to should examine demonstrative label content carefully, be like not all ready, it is clear to should ask on the spot.
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