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Bronzing paper printing is very hot imprint common problem solves the process

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Very hot imprint, common says " bronzing " , there already was very long history in our country. But very hot imprint rapid development of the technology and wide application or thing of nearly more than 10 years. Very hot imprint technical application range is very wide, if paper is tasted,iron imprint, dry goods is hot imprint, of packaging material very hot imprint, plastic products is very hot imprint etc.

Shenzhen city is collected 100 plain industrial limited company is the industrial company that research and development of specialty printing goods and materials, production mixes a collect to sell and offer relevant technology to seek advice, will be ironed about printing to this net hair imprint the data of technical respect, share with industry personnel especially.

The structure of bronzing paper

(1) fundamental layer (PET film) : Get together acetic colophony, tension is high temperature resistant (300) the ply of paper of bronzing of its ply decision.

(2) come off layer (from model layer) : Organic silicone, very hot after imprinting, can make color layer, electric film, sizy layer falls off at PET; Come off the degree of tightness of the layer affects the size of very hot Yintuwen and quality directly.

(3) color layer: Synthetic resin and dye, indication color, it is the extraction layer that environmental protection test reports.

(4) electric film: Vacuum eletroplates, reflex the light, decide brightness and metallic effect.

(5) sizy layer: Thermoplastic colophony, can felt is on the object that be ironed, the decision is very hot imprint different bear imprint content.

The common problem in printing bronzing process

How does ① bronzing fine line have flying gold phenomenon to do?

(1) cold very hot, inclined rip.

(2) the bronzing paper that the choice comes off the layer is tightened.

(3) temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, microtherm also is met any better.

(4) pressure is unfavorable and overweight.

Is ② very hot come out to become angry, how to pale or send La Guang to do?

(1) should notice control is very very hot imprint temperature, if temperature is exorbitant, difference reachs shape of easy generation mist, burnt edition, brightness to wait for malady frothily.

(2) had chosen to burn imprinted pressure and time, pressure of each machine that iron a picture and time have deviation, debug neatly.

Is ③ very hot imprint how do is effect flatness bad?

With the composition of bronzing oar the degree of finish of pink of component, hot frit is concerned, grain of hot frit pink is finer, flatness is better; Oar of the bronzing when pressworking is too dry rough also whole, should have held rare dry degree.

④ is not able to bear or endure bath, how to fall off easily to do?


(1) whether does bronzing paper use a fault
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