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Printing of dress of old width of cloth is how to be printed those who come out

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In the forehead of T-shirt unlined upper garment or shirt, include to undertake on arm the net imprints the trend that already made dress, people thinks such large area design meets a person one kind is moved feeling, arouse the creativity of people.

And product of printing of manufacturing whole body has two kinds of basic methods: The first kind is in cloth before cloth cuts out aspirant travel net imprints; The 2nd kind is good in tailor finished product clothing aspirant travel net imprints, this kind of method needs a few blame to presswork groovily skill and equipment. Production contains the dress of integral design, the most traditional method is to use beforehand printed cloth or fabric.

3 kinds of printing machine can undertake reel fabric net imprints: High speed coils material cycle type screen printing system; Contain a material to install accessory and platen net to imprint the leather belt printing machine of the head; Contain a material to install accessory and platform net to imprint the leather belt printing machine of the head.

1) cycle screen printing

The net of big batch fabric imprints use cycle net to imprint commonly equipment. The net edition of this kind of printing machine is platen form, scraper inside, net edition rotates then along with the add of fabric, and scraper maintains do not move, rely on pressure to force printing ink to pass net edition (it is commonly corrode gauze edition) imprint to fabric, form presswork image. This kind pressworks the method can come true to presswork continuously, graph article won't disconnect, imprint scooter 91 ~ 136 meters / cent. Average rate also can achieve 90 meters / cent. This one characteristic makes cycle net imprints machine become great seal to measure fabric adornment to presswork the equipment of special economy.

Printing machine of 2) cycle leather belt

Printing machine of cycle leather belt belongs to new facility, repeat overprint precision tall, leather belt pressworks platform, this one type suits small-sized manufacturer, or invest large cycle net to imprint feebly equipment, but the manufacturer that is badly in need of wanting small-sized cycle printing machine again.

Printing machine of 3) bedplate type: ⒉ of Mei Mo ∷ of take along sth to sb of  of sole of  of Ao of Yu of Xie Jiadi surname of Suo  Ъ people Jian of  of  of Quan of H of  of detailed of bursa of have diarrhoea Shan flinchs  of Quan of ∷ ⒊ Ji.  tip wishs act returns Gou of enough  of Wei Ding  to flinch  of Po  Gui oh Su An of Ge of R of  of Biao of ⒚ of ∷ of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase in the factory of unlined upper garment of compensate of  of  Bian planning ∷ very general.

4) " systemic printing " presswork system

This is designed for bedplate type printing machine, can produce " systemic printing " the equipment of dress, and presswork an accurate precision is tall. Pressworking when dark lubricious clothings, a lot of accessory can be used, still can use bolster plate.
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