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The catharsis of real silk clothings and maintain

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Because real silk clothings sucks sweat sex and permeability all beautiful, it is the summer the first selection of people, but belong to animal protein fiber because of the raw material silk of real silk clothings, catharsis and maintain rise to be bothered quite, do not stay a bit the heart can wrinkle or extensive fizzles out, the catharsis with what have good excuse me and maintain method?

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Wen Yi: Silk is the best spin raw material on the world, real silk clothings is frivolous and cool, suck sweat to breathe freely, heat preservation heatproof, overhang is flat wait for character, it is place of any natural fiber, chemical fiber not as good as, be known as consequently " fiber empress " . Since be " fiber empress " , compare enervated, catharsis and the method that maintain are more exquisite also, below specific the problem that says catharsis and clothings of custodial real silk should notice.

① catharsis: If be bath, join right amount neuter black or filar Mao Jing inside Wen Shui please, the fluid that treat black is dissolved, after water lukewarm refrigeration, again dress immerge, gently big are kneaded wash. Notice rub of avoid by all means is twisted, lest injure dress material and burnish. Through sufficient bath, coil again inside towel, squeeze an overmuch moisture. Wipe the suture of smooth garment edge next, air is in point-blank without sunlight the place with airiness, this is lubricious to maintaining real silk clothings lustre be being spent colourfully is very necessary.

When air comes to work most probably, cover back of real silk clothings with calico, move electric iron temperature between ℃ of 110 ℃ ~120, iron when ironing, avoid gush water, lest create be soiled mark.

② is custodial: The point with real silk custodial clothings is mixed completely namely dry. Because silk belongs to animal protein fiber, if sordid or catharsis is dry inadequate, cause bug easily to eat by moth, extensive fizzles out or deteriorate. If you put hygroscopic agent inside chest, that is better.

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