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4 themes explain tendency of popularity of fabrics of our country spin

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Fabrics of spin of 2008 China International reachs complementary makings (Qiu Dong) exposition will be held as scheduled at will be in Shanghai in October, exhibit to rise can specialization and internationalization degree, guide effectively to exhibit business and audience to offer, intertextile exposition is sponsorred just will continue with this second exhibit can release trend of popularity of Chinese spin fabrics for platform.

The trend studies the group consumes demand proceed with from terminal, it is a foundation with market survey, consume the information of effectiveness for a given period of time such as behavior, lifestyle, artistic inspiration through the analysis, the element information of the popular trend such as tide of style of appear personally makings colour, fabric, hand-me-down. "The working method that popular climate research is a systematize " , a senior trend researcher says to the author, it is OK to say simply the research process of the trend Baconian summary is 3 phase, the psychological element that is offset cost crowd above all and social element undertake perceptive a process; The common element that is convection travel product next gives arrange and induce; Abstract the characteristic that gives general character from which finally, judge its to develop way, define information of final cent theme trend thereby.

The system that the trend studies to the group passes a few months studies and analyse, early the overture meeting that will hold trend of fabrics of spin of seasonal to 2009/10 Qiu Dong China May this year, draft resolution is met besides the industry famous trend studies outside the expert, also stylist of spin business development and sale personnel, dress is participated in with what purchase business, they offerred the view to this season trend from respective domain respectively, through the spot intense discussion is mixed argue, formed unified opinion finally, determined the trend content of fabrics of season of 2009/10 Qiu Dong. Draft resolution can have the participation of expert of different domain authority, greatly aggrandizement what the trend studies is practical with the joint degree to the market. What be worth to be carried here is, this year economic environment not below the big setting of beautiful, be like dot of key of below a few trends to show:

The matched stack that passes raw material will create cost dominant position. As a result of raw material price rise make dress brand of the price to purchasing fabrics bear ability drops, fabrics itself must cater to the demand that consumes the market with the innovation of the style. Accordingly, light the chemical fibber of qualitative, modified replaces abb and real silk, the trend such as man-made fibre and woolen blending shows environmental protection sex, come true thereby " copy is natural " , " nation " the fabrics trend trend that waits for a style, this is in of this season trend " backdate " and " blatant " the theme had more comprehensive explanatory note.
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