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Spin fabrics gently gradually sell like hot cakes

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Business affairs shows according to monitoring, index of total boom of Ke Qiao spin will be 1064.23 a little bit April, drop than March 2.70% , for the nadir since this index is released, this also shows our country textile still faces not little pressure. Nevertheless Department of Commerce predicts, turn as weather warm, spin fabrics gently to enter phase of sell like hot cakes, predict spin boom index will show Ke Qiao to be climbed apparently in May rise situation.

Textile pressure is not little

” of index of spin of Ke Qiao of “ China · was released formally August last year. This system includes ” of index of “ spin price and ” of index of “ spin boom two kinds. This index is the industry index that our country textile rolls out first, enter the action to voice is monitored and be evaluated to spin major and state of affairs of spin estate development.

Since this year, index of total boom of spin of bridge stalking or branch presents the state that glides quickly. This year January, this index ever achieved history of 1267.46 bits to be nodded high, but appear to drop urgently subsequently. April, index of total market boom is 745.36 a little bit, index of total production boom is 1383.1 a little bit.

Look from price index, last week (will come on April 28 on May 4) index of price of Ke Qiao spin is small fall after a rise. Among them, clothing fabrics kind price index is 96.57 a little bit, drop 1.12% ; Dress complementary expect the index is kind of price 103.85 a little bit, drop 0.83% ; The home spins kind of price index to be 96.64 a little bit, drop 0.36% ; Index of base mercery price is 94.01 a little bit, drop 0.31% ; Raw material kind price index is 92.53 a little bit, rise 0.76% .

In addition, index of boom of foreign trade of Ke Qiao spin will continue April fall after a rise, index of foreign trade price picks up to also show spin exports an enterprise to face pressure. Index of foreign trade boom will be 992.26 a little bit April, will be 1006 a little bit in March. Index of foreign trade price is 114.1 a little bit, relatively will rise 3.6 a little bit March.

Will climb apparently in May litre

In total boom index, 5 kinds of big commodity appear 3 go up 2 drop pattern. Among them, dress complementary expect the index is kind of total boom 822.63 a little bit, rise 14.96% ; Clothing fabrics kind total boom index is 1141.71 a little bit, rise 7.45% ; Raw material kind total boom index is 1046.91 a little bit, rise 0.13% ; Index of base mercery total boom is 1605.87 a little bit, drop 3.04% ; The home spins kind of total boom index to be 1003.51 a little bit, drop 32.54% .

From April the case looks, dress complementary expect kind of total boom index is apparent on raise, basically be cotton rope kind go up into double ratio period still have increment, pull move boom index to be climbed apparently litre; The makings in dress kind, lacy kind clinch a deal insufficient, boom index differs the quantity glides.
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