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Textile walking is hard

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The management dilemma that front of current spin industry faces already caused height to take seriously. The forum of height of development of estate of “2008 China cotton that held at Hangzhou yesterday and international cotton commerce negotiate the message can come out on ” , the country is considering to give aid to relevantly policy, in order to protect the development of spin industry.   

Spin industry enters ” of “ glacial period

According to attending the meeting the personage discloses, industry of current cotton spin faces serious management dilemma. On the enlarged meeting of board of guild of Chinese cotton spin that will hold March this year, spin company appeal is in pily quota, slippery standard tax, entrance is new-style spin aircraft equipment duty-free wait for a problem to go up into output tax rate with pily value added tax, the country gives policy to give aid to. At present this one problem already caused the State Council to lead high attention, leader of the State Council did important written instructions recently, point out textile industry realizes obtain employment of 20 million worker and the bread of 100 million farmer, the difficulty that at present spin industry faces cannot be despised, should seasonable, active adopt give aid to policy. Concerned branch is clutching in research in fulfilling.

As we have learned, although maintained stable development,cotton spinning knitted an industry 2007, but the rate of of 2/3 company real profit in the industry has 0.62% only, the company that has 2/3 struggles in deficit brim. Spin trade situation still nots allow this year hopeful, face bigger negative factor test, spin industry enters ” of “ glacial period.

Cotton and spin industry if the lips are gone. Lin Naiji of vice-chairman of Chinese cotton association says, the most difficult period since Chinese spin industry is experiencing 12 years, regard the Chinese cotton that represents each increase inside course of study as association, will continued to carry pertinent news channel, reflect the difficulty inside course of study in time with concerned branch to the State Council, strive for appropriate to solve with period make sure industrial health develops and the society is stabilized.   

Must maintain textile health smooth

National hair changes appoint a personage of economic moving bureau expresses, cause the cause of difficult position of current spin industry, having a few is the long-term factor that the industry must face among development process, also having a few is the current element that macroscopical policy adjusts the country: The manufacturing cost that the RMB appreciated to add spin company greatly continuously manages confidence with what struck a company; New " labor contract law " carry out, make ascendant 10%-30% of cost of spin company labour force; Price of raw material, the sources of energy rises continuously, cause entire industry profit to glide ceaselessly, most enterprise is close to deficit brim; From tight monetary policy, cause company capital to supply very nervous; Exit drawback rate is reduced, tie of the energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon, entrance is new-style spin aircraft equipment drawback to cancel, the international market is faced with a variety of negative factor overlay such as a lot of uncertainty, make the enterprise faces serious test.
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