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Spin enterprise adjusts strategy to answer market of sale in domestic market

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2007 end up to now, the average gain of spin industry from 2% drop 0.6% , numerous enterprise is inflicted heavy losses on.

Not long ago, the high level of association of Chinese textile industry dispatchs entirely almost, head for Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Heibei, Shandong, Fujian, investigate case of ” of textile “ damage, from 2007 second half of the year begins, because the RMB appreciates and labour force and raw material rise in price element influence, afore-mentioned each provinces appeared the circumstance that spin treatment company closes down in succession, the beginning of the year, the factory closes down the trend grows in intensity.

Equipment upgrades should compete to sale in domestic market

Textile industry association is advanced project manager Han Jia rises those who received a friend to appeal phone, he thinks “ buy machine of a tatting, let me help him be contacted. ”

The shuttle loom of friend place demand is the main production machinery of fabrics of new generation spin, it is very strange that Han Jia rises, “ goes now trade situation is so bad, many product keep long in stock, who still can buy new facility, where is devoted production? ”

But, the result of investigation makes him astonied, “ tatting machine had been bought very hard. ”

The friend tells Han Jia to rise, a large number of products that we export now are made with the cheapest fabrics, cost is low, additional cost is likewise low. This year the circumstance of industry depression falls, these prevailing fabrics and product also most be pounded first.

So the enterprise inside spin industry, begin to search new chance, will drive production. “ upgrades clothing fabrics, sale in domestic market of with a view to, it is a tweak undoubtedly. ”

As we have learned, tatting fabrics is more beautiful and practical, have price advantage all the time in home market, the product that produces because of this tatting machine begins to be in of late home is popular, and tatting machine is in of home supply also begin to be critical. “ supplied the yarn that tatting machine place uses to appear to rise in price repeatedly even. ”

The statistic of textile industry association shows, get the combined influence of domestic and international economy and policy environment, trade investment is added fast drop considerably. Fixed assets of industry of 1~2 month spin invests nineteen billion six hundred and sixty-seven million yuan, grow 8.95% only compared to the same period, than going up year of the corresponding period drop 38.11 percent.

But, “ falls in this kind of circumstance, the sale of tatting machine is refluent and go up, more the way that explained a few enterprises were on a product already sturdily to upgrade. ”

Collect end goods to make sale in domestic market

Li Jiantai of end commodity trader received a paragraph of time that the business had better make recently.
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