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Textile predicament seeks to live on

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From 2007 the bottom begins, appreciate as the RMB of pace accelerate and domestic CPI tall look forward to, and new " labor contract law " the cost using worker worker that carries out an enterprise to bring raises, production enterprise of China is facing an unprecedented dilemma. The investigation of a company that compiles according to chamber of commerce of Shanghai United States shows, the competitive advantage of chinese mainland is being weakened, basically be to suffer cost ascendant effect. In our country reforming and opening on node of such 30 years of a time, we must face up to a such proposition: In former days so called labour force compares an advantage to be in gradually hasten is lost. In the crossroad of transition, the problem that we must ponder over is: Where is China's new competition dominant position?

Textile: The “ in predicament seeks to live on ”

Of calendar year wide make a barometer that can be regarded to be foreign trade. The 103rd when just end however wide hand in meeting, be called by media however the ” with downfallen “ is wide hand in meeting. Report, wide this year hand in meeting most those who weigh defeat is spin dress exhibits an area. The mercantile mark that comes from South America Chile wants every year to import the many dress, articles for daily use such as shoe cap to China, nevertheless now his purchase limits already not just China of bureau be confined to, because it is Vietnam, cheaper that the thing of the country such as Bengal appears. It is cheap in that way before that dress price of China should resemble, it is impossible almost.

A high level was making public association of textile foreign trade recently when the circumstance speaks of textile industry, say, 9 difficult ” of Home “10 company. This view Cong Mou is planted the difficult position that Chinese textile industry reflected to be faced with at present on degree. According to newest statistical data, in Feburary, dress of our country textile exports amount ten billion two hundred and eighty-eight million dollar, decrease compared to the same period 11.07% . 1 to forehead of exit of textile dress accumulative total will achieve the increase rate of 8.19% in Feburary, than 2007 the corresponding period drops 30.9% .

Be located in Jiangsu to save most the south too Cheng Ze presses down the Wu Jiang city of lake catchment, it is distinguished an abundant place, and be of 4 old silk cloth of as eponymous as city of Suzhou, Hangzhou, lake China one of. Since reforming and opening, chengze silk already crosses large-scale technical reformation a few rounds, introduce several set to have the manufacturing facilities of domestic and international advanced level early or late. The market of Chinese Oriental silk inside the town is country's biggest silk textile one of professional markets, traded 2002 the forehead 14.8 billion yuan. The manufacturing base that fills lustre town to had become owner of spin of our country silk to want, exit base and product distribution centre.
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