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Exit depend on sb or sth for existence is spent drop, turn sale in domestic mark

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The RMB is right valence is collected oneself among dollar exchange rate since changing, already innovated repeatedly tall, trade according to Chinese foreign currency the center is announced, on May 7 dollar of market of the foreign currency between the bank hand in dicker money to be to the intermediate price of RMB exchange rate: 1 dollar is right RMB 6.9848 yuan, relatively appreciated yesterday 40 base point, the RMB is broken to dollar exchange rate 7 wander in 6.98-6.99 all the time later, collect since changing, accumulative total appreciates extent already exceeded 16% . Although spin industry exports what export in countrywide foreign trade to occupy,compare reduce ceaselessly, from 2001 20% to 2008 the 12%(first quarter pursues 1) , but favourable balance of spin foreign trade is 34.42 billion dollar first quarter, 83.10% what hold favourable balance of total foreign trade. Spin resource thinks, before so enormous foreign currency contribution, later period RMB is right of the dollar appreciate pressure will be increased further, exit drawback is reduced also will turn into from hearsay it seems that reality.

All the time since whole of industry of garment of our country spin exports depend on sb or sth for existence to spend external be as high as 50% above, but export dry goods is add the value is inferior, rise in price the space is lesser, because this RMB exchange rate goes those who break through company of domestic spin clothing tall to will last ceaselessly,bear the limit, price advantage is weakened apparently, partial exit spin look forward to to already was faced with live corner. Because the industry enters a doorsill inferior bring about produce relatively can superfluous, price war is made greatly between export business, conflict with phenomenon is serious, provide factual basis to punish of foreign trade protectionism, destroy force to the industry great. The management thinking that spins look forward to is badly in need of change, must come up from the adjustment that changes product structure to exporting blind pursuit of the amount, optimize product structure, is not coessential spend competition.

To foreign trade exit enterprise, how transition particularly crucial. Because be faced with raw material and labor cost to rise, exit drawback is reduced, this currency appreciates, the United States second the influence that lends a series of negative factors such as the crisis and concussion, exit amplitude space is very limited, exit depend on sb or sth for existence is spent dropping ceaselessly is the fact that does not dispute (graph 2) , spin look forward to from the 33%(dimensions above 2001, similarly hereinafter) above arrives 32% 2004, exit depend on sb or sth for existence spends change not quite. And from quota brief cancel those who come back to restore again to looked 2005, exit depend on sb or sth for existence is spent drop quickly 30% the following, insufficient 29% , after this drops all the way, already dropped to 24% first quarter 2008, although European Union quota cancels,explain, but drop as a result of competition ability of spin industry whole, exit reproduces the amplitude of 20% above again hard.
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