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Firm from the 103rd wide hand in the ginseng on the meeting to exhibit returning Shandong bank city inferior Fu Qingmin of vise general manager of smooth towel limited company says frankly, situation of exit of company of current spin clothing is grim. He says: “ especially notable is, client of a few abroad already began to will purchase the ground to change the cost such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam to smaller circumjacent country. If policy continues related home from close, will partial spin enterprise is immersed in deficit to close down even. ”

Our country towel exports company of the biggest bibcock inferior the place of smooth towel company, mirrorred what what Chinese spin enterprise is faced with currently to live from a flank predicament.

Client confidence is reduced apparently long-term since the product of Chinese spin dress that provides price competition advantage quite, in the 103rd wide hand in can go up and did not return before glorious, foreign client is much to Chinese product nag a few minutes. Be in early the Spring Festival orders goods traditionally afterwards period, inferior the feasibility condition that smooth towel company encounters the suffocate suffocate that raise price.

Inferior the product exit of 90% above of optical company is abroad, exit towel quantity resides the whole nation the first. Suffer the element effect such as policy of RMB exchange rate, exit, company plan comes through raising price of tower above opening the cost that marry again share raises, encountered the cold reception of foreign client however. In wide hand in before the meeting, because this company puts forward to rise in price 4% , make the Australia that cooperates for a long time before 3 trafficker go off in a huff. And the sale of business of collaboration of these 3 commerce occupied a company to be in last year 40% of Australian market. Inferior optical company controller expresses, in towel export business, if inferior light puts forward to rise in price the requirement is rejected, the difficulty that other company rises in price is greater.

Although export a product to rise in price,face very great resistance, but foreign client falls quite in careful balance, still raised the purchase price of a few order finally a little. The ingredient that makes foreign client approbate small to rise in price is very much, but the RMB appreciates is among them main reason to exporting the influence of the enterprise. Last year, inferior income of optical company sale 2.3 billion yuan, grow 600 million yuan than 2006, but profit has 160 million yuan only, reduce 10 million yuan than 2006. The management state even of enterprise of an industry bibcock is such, of those congener enterprises that are in product low end live the state canned be imagined.

Foreign client temporary hard product of dress of spin of give up China, among them the biggest reason is quality of difference of form a complete set of circumjacent nation industry, product assures hard, be in short-term inside the spin garment industry that still replaces China hard. Chinese textile passes 20 old development, industrial catenary is complete, pack, the mature form a complete set such as complementary makings. Current, level of circumjacent country textile and China still have difference, be in respect and the China such as level of ability of technology, management, research and development, service to still have bigger difference especially. But, at present low end the product is transferred to these countries apparent with each passing day already.
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