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Industry analysis: Spin " Long Xiangdou "

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Is manufacturing cost of India lower than China really? Can spin order of China flow to India in great quantities? Be in not far in the future, can textile perform Long Xiangzhi of a “ to contend for ” ? Development of our newspaper reporter is investigated, tell you the answer.

Tantivy of “ order ”

Appear to should be turn for Chinese factory to complain now, the low cost plant that includes and other places of India, Vietnam reaved their order.

“ is in recent wide hand in on the meeting, the client just basically asks the price, talk downward seriously without patience, they feel quoted price is too high. ” Laozhou tells a reporter a little depressedly, he is Zhejiang the manager of trading company of a clothing. What he worries is, client threaten wants an order to transfer the India with lower cost, I do not know “ the trick that this is a demand a low price, still be true ” .

The “ that cannot bear weighs ”

In wide hand in of the meeting the following day, a thing is hit to Laozhou not small, 3 connecting dress stall did not get a piece of calling card one day. Now the portfolio of aged week company was decreased at least 15% , the large order that has a few old clients talks stop, still do not have assured source. “ now is the day that suffers harder, the profit and loss of the enterprise bears ability worse and worse. ”

The RMB appreciates, labor cost rises and raw material rises in price wait for pressure, invite Chinese spinnery get into trouble. It is with exchange rate respect exemple, wide this year because exchange rate is fluctuant,handing in what awkwardness compares on the meeting is uncertain, enterprise cannot exact quoted price, occurrence enterprise “ wants to accept the order, be afraid of accept the order, difficult accept the order the state of ” . In addition, labor cost rose up to now from 2006 nearly 100% , the worker is average salary from 800 yuan / the month rises now 1500 yuan / lunar left and right sides.

Majority enterprise has been in the brim of life and death now, all sorts of cost rose at least 20% . From last year the bottom begins, the spinnery of and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong appears in succession close down, grow in intensity.

Chinese factory is forced to raise price to the client. The price talks about “ very hard now, this wide after handing in client of the much on the meeting to hear quoted price, talked downward without interest. Trafficker of a dress says ” helplessly, he increases the order of 3 months price this year 3% , 6 months order increases price 6% , and in the past he has increased price in a year 10% above.

Add the immediate consequence of valence, caused the order prediction of a person's luck in a given year of Chinese factory. Lou Mingliang tells dress supplier of Wo Erma the reporter, he goes because the guest is not accepted,the order prediction of a person's luck in a given year of 90% is raise price.
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