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Association spins to grow Du Yu continent in: Spin exit retreats tax rate to won

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The RMB appreciates to be exported of late to textile bring pressure, face grim situation, the enterprise begins to seek policy to give aid to. Du Yu of chairman of Chinese spin guild continent express clearly a few days ago, textile exit retreats tax rate to won't fall again for certain. He is last week guild of 5 China spin calls together domestic home to spin industry bibcock business, on the informal discussion that holds in Shandong high density so denotive.

Occupy Du Yu continent to introduce, the of 2/3 enterprise inside the industry lies now deficit or small interest position. 100.4% what because sales profit ratio is more than the total of profit of company of dimensions above textile of 3.97% ,held total of entire industry profit, and those who achieve the enterprise of this sales profit ratio to take entire company 1/3 the left and right sides.

Ginseng the bibcock business of the meeting is global what at present the industry faces difficulty main reason end is a RMB to appreciate, labor cost rises, element of the demote below exit drawback rate. They hope the country exports drawback rate to be reduced no longer to this industry, and should rise stage by stage. Du Yu continent also says, RMB every appreciate 1% , company sales revenue decreases accordingly 1% . From 2005 second half of the year arrives RMB exchange rate has risen now 18 percent. In the meantime, exit drawback is led from before 17% drop 11% , dropped 6 percent. These become spin industry to decrease the main factor of benefit.

Du Yu continent says, spin industry wage is average now under industrial whole 30% , henceforth, spin worker pay increases speed to may surpass other industry. 2006, 11.3% what place of spin trade social security hands in capital to take salary specified amount on average, and the whole nation is average now the level is 22.3% . If want to achieve " labor contract law " asks work time, have to increase worker amount, those who increase level of wage of person of go to work rise reach social security level to rise, can foreknow, the labor cost of this industry will rise one than now times.

Appreciate about the RMB brought adverse effect, du Yu continent expresses, the RMB appreciates now speed actually already rein in. 1~3 month exchange rate appreciates this year more than 1% , and will be April 0.24% . This is adjusted to spin industry offerred an opportunity. Accelerating industrial structure to upgrade is the issue with most pressing industry. " daily of the first finance and economics " understand from afore-mentioned conferences, to the current situation of textile, how does the country also undertake giving aid to in the consideration. A few ministries and commissions are doing relevant work, study the way to deal with a situation.

Face the grim situation of exit, join the many spin enterprise of the meeting to express, change the key to home market, march new industry. Sun Rigui shows president of the Asia's biggest Inc. of group of day of inspire confidence in sb of company of production of family expenses textile, home market was 2008 and even the key of prospective brand strategy. In the meantime, investment 6 billion yuan develop property of smooth hot season, make the half of country that the home is spun in the future and industry of smooth hot season takes group of day of inspire confidence in sb each.
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