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Oxford cloth sells " ox "

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Recently, discovery of enterprise of a few spin is thin model Oxford cloth sales volume jumps. And factory of the box bag business that those who issue list is and other places of Zhejiang, Guangdong, vanity. Original, oxford cloth is one of raw material of bag of the environmental protection that make. The bounds that will be about to carry out on June 1 model made bring not little business chance to Wu Jiang textile.

Zhang Kunrong of president of limited company of Jiang Rongxiang textile tells a reporter, before before long, their enterprise just gave Ning Bo plant of a shopping bag sent cloth of 100 thousand meters of Oxford. And since this half an year, this kind thin model Oxford cloth sale is particularly good, the old client of many Zhejiang, Guangdong is planted with this thin model shopping bag of environmental protection of Oxford cloth production. Zhang Kunrong says, his company does Oxford cloth to had had more than 10 years, past product basically is used at making cloth of box of pull rod journey, tent, advertisement wait.

Since this year, client of factory of many his box bags, vanity asks he is produced more a few thin model Oxford cloth, use at production of environmental protection bag, recently a few months, thin model the sales volume of Oxford cloth turned over the left and right sides one time compared to the same period.

According to introducing, current, those who be used at making environmental protection bag is main have thin model Oxford cloth, without spin cloth and cleanse tower husband to wait thin model chemical fibber cloth, compare at fabrics of other chemical fibber, the environmental protection bag that makes with Oxford cloth although cost slightly a bit more expensive, but have weight light, prison spends tall, Yi Qing to wash, wear-resisting is spent wait for an advantage by force, market demand is better. Cloth of 1 meter of Oxford can be made 3 to bag of 4 environmental protection, add wait for other cost artificially, the cost of bag of an environmental protection is in about 1 many money.

The reporter understands, besides Rong Xiang, of Cheng Ze a few otherer spin enterprise received similar bill. And at present on the market, had not formed climate to the sale of environmental protection bag. As the drawing near June 1, the market demand of environmental protection bag will be bigger and bigger.

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