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Juncture of laser beam welding makes dress technology

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British scientist uses laser to replaced needle seam to make a shirt, this action posed a challenge to traditional tailor method.

This innovation technology is British Cambridge solders the classic of technical academy. The liquid besmear that the scientist absorbs a meeting infrared ray first wants the place of suture in the shirt, next hem fold, make the liquid is placed between two material for clothing that want suture, infrared ray of recycle low energy stimulates illumination to shoot this jackknife share, this kind chemical liquid is added lukewarm, can solder the place that wants suture.

The scientist points out, the dress of this kind of new-style suture technology tailor is even strong, very strong and durable, can compare with photograph of clothings of for military use even. It applies to abb garment, breathe freely the garment and current and fashionable stretch material for clothing, and be in oversew when rainwear content very effective. Point out: This technology can expand very quickly use at all sorts of automatic garment manufacturing industry.

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