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The PTT fiber application on wool spinning fabrics

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Groovy Mao Di subdues fabrics to have hold out the draw together, bone having a body, character such as Hua Shuang, but existence is returned to fight in use process knit gender, stretch difference, the part spends fabrics feel closely high too board the problem such as inadequacy of feeling of hard, wool. The performance of drawing spring back with PTT good fiber, can satisfy uniform fabrics to be opposite the demand of small flexibility. With the quantity of low initiative standard of wool fibre close, can gift fabrics softness feel. PTT fiber and wool blending, the flexibility that benefit subdues fabrics at improving groovy Mao Di and fight knit function, the wool blending that develops new generation wool to feel strong subdues fabrics.

Subdue fabrics to Mao Di, the Mao Ran that often uses a convention makes technology, include to be washed adequately, boil wait for the dry whole segment such as wet whole segment and decatizing, what arrange a wool fibre in order to assure below condition of sufficient damp and hot is idiosyncratic, but technological process is too long, cause production cost is high.

Use former liquid chromatic PTT is mixed a gauze of the blending that catch hair, draw lessons from Mao Ran to rectify craft principle, discuss what efficient short flow has on entire line is catch to acquire full treatment technology in chemical fibber fabric, can develop new generation effect valitin of good blending of wool of PTT/ of former fluid coloring subdues fabrics.

Weaving craft is controlled

Combine wool / the mechanical property that PTT blending gauze leaves in damp and hot and dry heat treatment and characteristic of stretch fabric development, can weaving valitin, spend closely through adjusting via abb density. In weaving, proper control classics to tension, and increase broadwise pulling force, make weft is in sufficient unbend condition, answer to what dye the yarn in rectifying flabbily shrink leave room, assure stretch implementation. In the meantime, to the yarn with PTT high content, its grey warp density is reduced appropriately.

Acquire whole technology control

Traditional essence of life spins Mao Ran to rectify technological process to grow, to improve work efficiency, realize efficient short circuit to catch whole, the attempt acquires entire product line in chemical fibber aspirant travel catchs full treatment. Adoption technological process is: Singeing - make the same score a dye jigger to wash - overflow coloring machine is washed - dehydration - stoving - make friends fluid finalizes the design - decatizing - finished product.

Be in above all make the same score a dye jigger to go up wash, water is warm 80 ℃ left and right sides, basically finalize the design beforehand to arriving since wool fibre action, the path after preventing is washed flabbily the drape that causes in the process and excessive and cottony etc, the fabric width of the fabric in this process is contractive, but via will increasing somewhat to length. It is next in overflow coloring machine, use the besmirch on the fabric of water scour off of 50 ℃ of 40 ~ , make fabric falls in flabby condition, release the stress that accumulates in weaving process, make fabric achieves balance status, in this process, fabric width continues to contract, length also shortens somewhat. Use what 15 % control to exceed feed and of 180 ℃ finalize the design temperature, have good feel and finalize the design the effect. Finally is decatizing, further improvement feel, raise rate of drape flexibility response.
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