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Fabrics of this season Japan coat greets severe winter

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The coat is to be used at preventing originally cold, although there still is not arrival in the winter, but fabrics of coat of Japanese 2008/2009 Qiu Dong is greeting severe winter. Situations of 2008 sale of store of Chun Xia clothing are unusually grim, because of this 2008/2009 Qiu Dong the production of dress should compare lag of in former years left and right sides of a month, the personage inside course of study states sale of autumn winter clothing drops considerably this year already inevitable. The key goods that although serve as insulated cold wear to install the representing's coat,makes war of trade of autumn winter fabrics already, but, this season coat fabrics also must face grim market situation, even somebody alleges publicly " need insulated cold wear to install far from " .

Market of fabrics of ● autumn winter is small confuse ●

Enter after 2008, market of Japanese dress spending lasts low fan, had affected the production of fabrics of 2008/2009 Qiu Dong. The production of Japanese clothing fabrics is in China centrally mostly, a few trading companies pursue the business of the treatment that stick a card of clothing fabrics through showing ground legal person. Recently, controller of relevant trading company expresses, output of fabrics of 2008/2009 Qiu Dong falls somewhat than going up one year, keep balance namely at most.

Limited company of Shanghai of commerce of water chestnut China weighs the subsidiary of issue of trade of 3 water chestnut: "Came to basically will finish production to plan in June in January in recent years, but will come in July the aggravation of market situation will affect production directly in December, complete annual plan very hard. " industrial limited company of dish manage China expresses, came in January the business of is aimed at Japanese market the treatment that stick a card July and on year keeps balance. And limited company of Shanghai of abundant cropland have trade relations says: "To the fabrics April production exceeded in January last year the corresponding period, but will come to will appear continuously in July in May compared to the same period the coast of 15% above, situation of market of Japanese dress spending nots allow hopeful. " look from whole, produced relative stability to the fabrics July this year in January, but begin to accept the order from August the circumstance worsens quickly. Normally, august is the date of delivery of fabrics of Japanese autumn winter. But, see war of trade of fabrics of 2008/2009 Qiu Dong be afraid from feasibility condition can be only in cold and cheerless begin.

Fabrics of ● wool spinning considerably ● of reduction of output

The coat fabrics inside Japan, outside outfit also facing stern test with abb fabrics. SASAKI surpasses Er to cheat a company to think, the characteristic of market of fabrics of 2008/2009 Qiu Dong is: Trade date should compare lag of in former years left and right sides of a month. And bring about Qiu Dong fabrics to trade the reason of lag the sale besides Chun Xia dress is small fan beyond, still have the design problem of itself of autumn winter clothing. A lot of fabrics of end state place of production produce an enterprise to think, emphasize particularly on the autumn winter fabrics that prevents cold function did not make popular trend all the time.
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