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The first fabrics is exhibited will start the area, number that postpone busines

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Fabrics of spin of the 14th China International reachs complementary makings (Qiu Dong) exposition begins shortly, reporter from exhibit can sponsor square understanding to arrive, this second exhibit can start the area, number that postpone business again new tall. With compared last year, the area exhibiting a house this year increases 43% , by 7 the augment that exhibit a house exhibits a house to 10. Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to achieve many 2500, the enterprise inside its China many 1800, foreign enterprise many 680, cover 30 countries and area, increase 25 % than last year.

The layout exhibiting a house this year differentiates according to the final utility of fabrics, divide in all install kimono of fabrics, shirt fabrics, bull-puncher fabrics, recreational fabrics, athletic function fabrics to fit complementary stuff to installing fabrics, vogue daughter 7 large area.

The country such as Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea still can form a delegation ginseng exhibit. The more of item on display of Italy, Germany suits to installing fabrics, the item on display of Japan, Turkey, Korea and Thailand suits to do vogue daughter to install more. Dress complementary makings house will be all in exhibiting a house the brightest beautiful, most the area of colour profusion, before rather he kind of fabrics " squeeze " in at the same place dress complementary makings, also can become independent with the dimensions of 11500 square metre this year come out, take one shop oneself, at the appointed time can business of nearly 300 complementary feed is contended for here strange bottle colourful.

Bull-puncher and shirt fabrics this year is first time exhibits centrally, but ginseng exhibit company enthusiasm to upsurge. Bull-puncher area has 57 enterprises to reveal respective bull-puncher glamour, shirt area has 81 enterprises such as Lu Tai, Yageer to be the same as field contest show.

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