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Near future hemp spins market situation shallow talk

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The flax this year and ramie market situation, why so elusory? This among them cause, how a numerous word Oh, absolutely unlike a relaxed flax shirt is contracted in that way.

According to stager, the market of hemp textile consumes situation is usable two lines will decompose show: One is linear, represent relatively steady rigid demand; Another is a curve, represent not steady stretch demand. If show time with transverse coordinate (month) , fore-and-aft coordinate shows consumption, criterion that linear right upper part tilts, the gross that indicates rigid demand increases gradually, the consumer gross that love on i.e. world and buys hemp dry goods is firm in have litre; And that curvilinear criterion changes along with season and popular trend, appear to rise and fall apparently, i.e. is weak busy season. Overlay of these two lines is together, still be a curve, go up to just fluctuate right, formed hemp textile to consume power plan from this.

Numerous by brief unripe. It is numerously numerous, because stager is out of order gradually,be, the prices of hemp textile goes situation cannot come with some a few elements more and more analysis and forecast, conversely, diversity of year after year of its influencing factor and complication, answering that one numerous word.

Are its numerous where? International home, numerous element, act well at the same time, affecting macroscopical economy not only, more affecting a business microcosmic economic benefits and vivosphere. On international, it is difficult that economic situation of the United States, Western Europe, Japan makes at the same time, these areas perhaps been beening immersed in decline. Meanwhile, oil and produce rise in price considerably however, PPI and CPI are bullish, inflation already became global difficult problem. What accompany and come is unemployment rate rises. This brings about economy to develop occurrence backwater or fall after a rise on one hand, on the other hand prices is rising however.

Formed the picture that we wish to see least of all from this: Defy certain consumable feebly when an average consumer when rising in price, for instance food, he can accept the reality that rise in price only, and he is capable however at the same time to reduce the consumption to textile (include hemp dry goods of course) , because this kind of consumption is stretch bigger, consumer can control him the defray to textile, he can reduce i.e. consumption or defer consumption.

Farther, economic depression makes change of demand of one part tigidity became stretch demand even. Like originally and consume the consumer of hemp textile continuously, come in economic depression when, the consumption that may change oneself loathly is used to, decrease or defer the consumption of pair of hemp textile, turn even and consume the textile with certain inferior price.

The result is, when main export market of China faces economic depression, chinese textile is exported most be affected first, hemp textile suffer injury is the most serious.
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