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Traditional " uneducated person cloth " " change personally " fashionable also

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On October 16, in Shandong province rich promotes a county east street agency Gu Jiacun, villager Yan Ying (in) selling on Internet through video with " uneducated person cloth " the modern dress that is dress material make it.

Rich promotes a county east street Gu Jiacun, the farmer captures environmental protection, green, healthy modern consumption concept, do spin greatly traditional " uneducated person cloth " industrial catenary, selling the hand is knitted " uneducated person cloth " while, still " uneducated person cloth " be united in wedlock with contemporary vogue, with " uneducated person cloth " cut into parts for dress material make various shirt, bedgown, sarong, skirt with shoulder-straps wait, still will " uneducated person cloth " cut into parts make the sheet that has contemporary and fashionable feeling, cushion for leaning on wait for all sorts of household articles for use, favor.

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