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Ba Sifu offers a solution for catenary of whole spin industry

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Ba Sifu will with " your spin plan is companionate " attend for the theme in October 2008 20-23 day is in Shanghai new international reads extensively the fabrics of China International spin that the center holds reachs complementary makings (Qiu Dong) exposition. Will have 2 what come from world each district at the appointed time, ginseng of many 200 company is exhibited, the product that they show on goods and the banner exposition that deserve to act the role of is spun in fabrics of this one clothing, home.

In the many domains of catenary of whole textile value, basifudi offerred the product of wide extensive and solution, use raw material from yarn, register autograph and trademark to what show dress function and special result to consumer, etc.

The product that exhibits this and solution include:
The whole world is calculated first times specific textile the project of carbolic footmark
"0 formaldehyde are added " make infantile dress safer
The resource that boosts spin domain from consumer level is managing
Innovation can acquire technology of polypropylene fibber fiber
Polyamide is used at fiber to produce
Use at making fiber of ammoniac black silk ribbon and stretch fibrous high quality get together 4 hydrogen furan (PolyTHF)

"Since 2006, fabrics of spin of China International of Ba Sifu have the aid of reachs complementary makings (Qiu Dong) exposition this professional platform, the new technology of each spin industry is rolled out in China. This year, a series of intelligence solutions that we show Basifu to be offerred for the client in many domains centrally first, reflect the actual strength of Ba Sifu range of products with this, and the commitment that supports spin industry, " doctor of Daqing of Zheng of member of board of directors of management of division of Ba Sifu big China expresses, "Depend on the ceaseless breakthrough of innovation, to the attention of zoology solution and the establishment of research and development that build in China, our Basifuxi hopes to be able to aid industry of force China spin to be able to develop continuously better. Our Basifuxi hopes to be able to aid industry of force China spin to be able to develop continuously better..

Zoology textile solution, include the carbolic footmark that the whole world is based on specific textile first times to produce to determine plan

The 3 big fields related overweight of all sorts of side of spin trade solution that the ministry reveals chemical of Ba Sifu spin and zoology environmental protection, namely: Consumer safety, resource is managing and amiable await protection. These solutions are chemical of Ba Sifu spin ministry " start spin * tomorrow in all with you (Putting *FUTURE Into Textiles) " the one part of range of products, aim to be mixed for more high grade textile model better future to make contribution.

Preceding mediumly with textile value catenary companionate people in cooperative project, basifuji produces the primitive data that measures in the process actually to undertake an analysis at specific textile, determine thereby carbolic footmark. Be based on this kind of analysis, what partners can use auxiliary of Ba Sifu spin and technology to reduce carbon dioxide is overall discharge.
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