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Fill south examine quarantine bureau aids silk of the Er that depend on case to

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A few days ago, from Sichuan limited company of spin of the Er that depend on case transmits good news: Since this year, examine in Sichuan of quarantine branch help energetically help up below, of this company research and development " Yigeer " silk bedding be waited to choose by giant star of celebrity of high official of numerous each country, international, sports to live in things, to the enterprise class of quality of farther promotion product added new vitality.

Eve of Beijing Olympic Games, via concerning sectional approval, this company writes down Olympic Games badge and child mascot design knits blessing to reach concerned goods to go up at high-grade bedding, because pattern is elegant and clear, fluent, exquisite massiness of softness of Ping Ting, feel, culture, lifelike, the product is in as the high-grade gift that appoints things and gift honored guest by BOCOG Beijing Chang'an Street is monopolistic.

According to south fill examine quarantine bureau introduces, sichuan depends on limited company of case Er spin is a dimensions formerly the small plant with general quality of not big, product. In recent years, this company is in south fill examine the side of quarantine bureau is helped up below, built ISO9000 quality to run system and system of 14000 environmental protection, adjust product structure, aggrandizement quality manages, establish brand consciousness, research and development of exert oneself market and technology innovate, construction zoology is cultivated breed base, what the company produces is special the wide cut, tall nicety, freeboard that chooses abb, big jacquard weave more carries bedding, nobility is elegant, have royalty wind model, have true " fiber empress " beautiful praise.

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