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Transition of China peaceful company upgrades in silk industry low a new force s

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China peaceful silk does not calculate in Hangzhou silk industry very big, it is the small and medium sized business of dimensions of a 400 much people. In world economic depression period, they can be in however maintain 30% above for years continuously while the sale grows, still advance triumphantly this year, product sales revenue predicts to increase 10 million yuan of above than last year, will achieve the history new tall.

Hua Tai is done not have not only by low confused market economy tide is shattered, it is instead in adversity a new force suddenly rises, those who lean is transition upgrade. Their experience is right other the Hangzhou in be in predicament is a lot of medium and small businesses, or have draw lessons from a meaning.

The boss OSUCK of company of French JRDEC FASHION, come to Hangzhou from France personally last month, the limited company of silk of Zhejiang Hua Tai that found the road that ascend the cloud to go up. The main purpose of his visit, exchange views with Han Zhengfang of China peaceful manager namely order goods matters concerned.

Original, OSUCK is exhibited in spin dress of France see on the meeting join the Hua Tai product that exhibit, fondle admiringly to silk product of Hua Tai at that time, asked a lot of question.

Yesterday, han Zhengfang says, after OSUCK makes an on-the-spot investigation on the spot to Hangzhou, issued the order of more than 10000 scarf. "Cooperate first, the volume is not very large. But this France client offers a product for a long time for French airline, product sale will be very big, cooperative foreground but period. Cooperative foreground but period..

Whole of current silk industry is gloomy

Besides the foreign trader, domestic client is silken to Huataisi also product very favour, the scene that the client comes to exchange views, in Hua Tai the company is common.

Client of China and foreign countries is filled with door phenomenon, the whole with current silk industry is gloomy, form sharp contrast.

Hangzhou city classics appoint technical progress and Su Genbao of equipment department section chief say, at present countrywide silk enterprise closes down already amounted to 10 thousand above.

According to the information that guild of Hangzhou city silk leaks, the silk industry development of the our city faces grim challenge likewise. Especially since this year, because suffer a RMB to appreciate continuously, exit drawback is reduced ceaselessly, price of factor of production rises ceaselessly, labor cost rises considerably wait for element influence, many enterprises sell atrophy, profit drops, development faces difficulty.

Hua Tai promotes competition ability through technical innovation

Before coating printing is used to silk to be able to make silk hair good, hua Tai is broken solved this difficult problem.

Coating and dye photograph are compared, have environmental protection, lubricious prison to spend tall, cost low characteristic. But, before coating printing is used on the fabrics such as cotton, hemp, if be used on silk, can make silk hair good.
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