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Hempen / fabrics of tussah silk jacquard weave is favorred by consumer

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Near future of finite liability company rolled out Shanxi oasis spin hempen / fabrics of tussah silk jacquard weave.

Marijuana grows in its in the process, can resist by oneself plant diseases and insect pests, hempen fiber component is additionally special, molecular degree of polymerization is lesser, fiber lumen is bigger, fore-and-aft have a lot of cranny and hole, be linked together with lumen. Without the hempen textile of any medication, bath hind has the good performance that fight bacterium; Pure hempen textile comes loose wet speed is more than moisture absorption speed, moisture absorption is wash-and-wear, cool and comfortable, not close-fitting, antistatic property good, aspiration is little, do not have bad influence to human body. Hempen fiber is in hemp kind hemp of light Yu Ya of the proportion in fiber and ramie, fineness the finest, with the dry goods that its make, feel slippery bright is soft, do not have itchy feeling to the skin, pliability is wonderful.

Tussah silk burnish is bright-coloured, feel softness, wear-resisting prison is spent taller in natural fiber, acid-proof and alkalescent relatively mulberry silk is close friends. Slippery bright of tussah silk Ping Ting, soundly durable, hygroscopic strong, permeability good, moisture volatilizes insulation of report of rapid, refus, rich flexibility, have very good endophilicity with skin.

Hempen / the character of fiber of marijuana of collect of fabrics of tussah silk jacquard weave and tussah silk at an organic whole, its finished product has hempen thread not only body of natural curb bacterium, cool and refreshing bright, softness is comfortable and feel without itchy wait for character, the burnish that has tussah silk again softness of downy, natural, quality of a material, feel is slick exquisite, moisture absorption breathes freely, the health care that fight bacterium, dress is comfortable wait for function, get the favour of domestic and international consumer, by fair consider as " green product " .

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