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China Textile City Fabric Market conventional pull-up by the fabric market

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China Textile City in November 2010 the first week (01-07 days), the conventional fabric market prices by the fabric again, finished stir-fried with house prices rising and sales are two of uproar. But the week of the season, after all, by the promotion of demand for related material And a wide range of models and more, the overall turnover continued to rise steadily. Week, mainly woven filament fabric curtains and screens Stocks face increased demand; curtain fabric to the size of homogeneous goods flooding, there are still shortages, price increases have little effect on sales, but prices on business get a call Thin; week, the trading Stocks filament woven cloth (including woven sofa, yarn, yarn-dyed velvet decorative) and other decorative cloth over 10.33 million meters, nearly 9.2 million m steadily last week. Week, the majority of woven filament-based screens Their own needs, such as a large number of goods is still difficult to meet; week screens gradually move to the next by the fabric to pass the price impact of delays to the goods can not help but still backward; the total transactions of the week based screens, including various types of silk filament triangular shaped spindle Organization ( Dyeing and printing) light, half light simulation silk, silk compound cloth. Glass cloth (single wire cloth), nylon (including part of the C wire cloth, other varieties of special silk) and other dresses or costumes dual-stage fabric type species (not including the lining fabric) of nearly 200 meters, 150 last week meters greater than l Long. Week knitting fdy, dty, poy, decorated with sequined silk filament fabrics (mainly referring to the second half of warp knitting machine bristles pull plush velvet and suede fabrics, including fabrics and some clothes stage dual fabric mesh, flower series, pin Jacquard weaving, embroidery, burnt, water melt cloth, composite, flocking cloth), clothing fabric consumption in an emergency, the size of several days together to drive the goods, warp and weft alternate the two best-selling category; week the total turnover of all kinds of filament knitted fabrics nearly 900 meters, Substantial growth of more than 580 meters last week. Week in addition to filament short amount of cargo materials prices go down, other issues such as unlined silk fabric, linen fabric type tooling, dual composite wire fabric and polyester spandex jersey trousers, long-fiber wool suit jacket fabric, Polyester jacket fabric Warm woolen fabrics, fashion sales rose price Yang. The first week of November, China Textile City filament prices continue to be affected, closing more than shock, but sales are still up a week advance; week range of major long-fiber cloth volume of nearly 39.1 million meters, nearly a week last week 3210 To soar; week, the trading various types of spun yarn-based fabrics more than 860 meters, more than 820 meters last week steadily; week regular season of the market by the second half of the promotion of consumer applications, the overall turnover of various types of long-staple fiber cloth nearly 47.7 million meters, nearly 40.3 million m steadily last week.