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China Textile City: knitted fabric sales rise

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In recent days, China Textile City, the traditional market knitting machine knit textile fabrics and fabric interaction, knitted textile fabric surface gradually expand the amount listed, local listed species increased gradually increase the batch transactions, daily transaction volume Push up the price rose and then basically stabilized. Many types of transactions go smooth knitted fabric knitting machine to polyester DTY, FDY, POY yarn and sequins silk bed textile fabrics, textile fabrics and clothing fabrics decorated with local marketing advantage appeared to increase domestic demand, foreign trade clause One local increase in the price rose as fell after the polyester, polyester knitted fabric of the series basically stabilized after the price rise, the local advantage of innovative fabrics appear, there are value-added products improve. Volkswagen prices remained stable pattern fabric Set, the large volume of cash transactions are still cash discount merchants. Brush pile warp printing relatively large quantities of local transactions to 68D half light half light FDY FDY × 75D printed warp plush brush, 68D half light half light FDY FDY × 68D printing brush pile warp local transaction to go smooth. To 75DFDY × FDY 75D semi-light warp printing plush brush, 75DFDY × 75D FDY Semi-ray printing shear warp plush, 150DFDY × 100DDTY printing nap fleece bed and other kind of textile polyester filament fabrics, decorative fabrics roll days of the class of varieties A dispersion of the transaction, strip-type bed days of class of species turnover in part by increased size of business outlets closing days of the batch increases, both the batch size from several kilometers to tens of thousands of meters of each transaction, showing a certain level of sales rose Trend.