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Spring and summer 2011 the most fashionable fabrics and printing

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The most popular spring and summer 2011, the 4 kinds of fabrics First, the natural cotton fabric Began to return to the origin of the spring and summer 2011, natural cotton cloth led a simple trend toward low-key this season's fabric development of simple form. A simple tunic style shirt and based on Barry thin yarn, spun yarn and so brought us a beautiful lovely summer dress. Second, the summer suede Light soft cream suede jacket instead of leather as the choice of the next season. Whether it is used in lightweight windbreaker, shirt-style jacket soft, seventies bell bottom pants, prairie skirts and safari style clothing, tassels and lace by adding detail to show the real charm of the seventies. Third, the lace and mesh In another key trend, we see the designers use beautiful white lace and decorative fabrics, embroidered organza through, mesh tulle, lace embroidery Stickers, tactile and fine handmade lace cotton bud wire, to bring the level of mismatch in a romantic, rural high-profile appearance. Fourth, cowboy 11 spring and summer denim tremendous impact, and the trend back to basics rustic fabric line. The same low-key style is simple: mini-skirt and tight waist lightweight casual jacket, black jeans with simple cut and style show. As part of the minimalist trend, the basic cowboy brought a new fashion Aspect. Loose straight jeans, dresses, shirts and skirts are the fabric of youth this season's key styles. Of course, as we see in Balenciaga, denim is also an important element of punk rock. Spring and summer 2011 the most fashionable 4 printing First, the animal print pattern Style of the seventies brought the season and python snakeskin effect of the use of leather as a key trend in the spring and summer 2011. Natural color, metal color and the secondary effects of serpentine leather dyeing, and silk and yarn products printed on the Serpentine, will be the style to an extreme. Not only is the serpentine course, there are as Burberry beats Leopard printed on chiffon, LV's eye-catching zebra mix of styles and forging surface. Second, the gorgeous flowers 11 spring and summer flowers will usher in a big bang, a wide range of flower stamps will be all over the market. One stamp will be East Wind Chinese and Japanese wind one of the highlights. Romantic style filled the air, whether it is this season's cotton, silk or knit shirt and so on will be all over the flowers. Third, the pattern of conflict Pattern with a strong sense of conflict will be one of the trends Mingxia printing, unconventional colors and skins printing, spots, stripes, flowers, etc. combined. Another variation of this theme will be printed in a costume with multiple colors, different sizes revealed, or the pattern of two contrasting colors in the same manner to show the mismatch. Fourth, tropical leaves Tropical foliage throughout the summer will be over next year's clothing. The show floor this season we have seen, Vanessa Bruno soft, multi-color effect, Behnaz Sarafpour and skin texture is almost the same pattern of effects of extract of leaves, Dior logo with a touch of tropical leaves, batik effect, giving us too much from tropical leaves of inspiration.