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China of the half moon below 8 years January knits li of cotton cloth city to mo

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  Corduroy of complete cotton bounce: It is what use weaving of Bao Xin gauze and become is current the most popular fabrics, can divide commonly from the direction of bounce for via playing, abb is played and play 3 kinds via abb, bounce corduroy basically is used at fashionable dress of young men and women and trousers to wait, its advantage depends on already bouncy do not affect corduroy again originally quality of a material, what when its dress can fit human body activity, produce each to drawing, maintain the stability that takes property thereby, and dress is comfortable, retractile, general favorite.
   Complete cotton abb plays gauze card: What complete bombazine gets stuck is outspread with development, retained original style and wear-resisting character already, added stretch function again, cater to modern dress popularity to savour. Should taste newly use black silk ribbon of C20S×16S 70D ammonia to be raw material, choose fine twill organization, press the classics abb density of 114×52, in the weaving on air-jet loom, course the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, singeing, pressure smooth, grind wool, bath, make friends to catch wait for superior technology to machine and become. Knit grain with its exquisite, rich flexibility, dress is not comfortable, changeful form, prolonged is durable wait for a characteristic, occupational today the sale window of wintry fabrics market. Fabric width of its cloth cover is 71 inches, show the market every meters of grey clinchs a deal valence is controlled in 10 yuan. With colour and lustre character, blame with cream-colored, Mei red, orange is ash of yellow, cream-colored, camel, special black, shamrock, grass green wait for color most suffer a client to welcome. This fabrics can make the strong and handsome pants of young female not only, and it is the fashionable fabrics that designs recreational outfit.
   Roving blocks fabrics: The promising young person of since complete cotton, it is a kind of fashionable and recreational fabrics. As we have learned, this is tasted use complete bombazine 10sX7s to be raw material, norms is 72X40, choose plain weave to be on rapier loom weaving, pass size early or late, retreat an oar, shrink beforehand, finalize the design, catch whole wait for a variety of craft to machine and become, it is permeated with exuberant vitality, showed natural scene, harmony of its feel softness, colour, exterior is beautiful beautiful, reflect advocate natural vogue. Cloth cover fabric width is 63, 47 inches two kinds, with colour and lustre character, blame with ash of cream-colored, camel, coffee, Mei the look such as especially red, black, indigotic, Qiu Xianglu is the most welcome. It can make recreational dress, shoe cap, box bag, coverall. Through machining the finished product dress after, the style is decorous and charming, have inviting charm alone. He Shouchong of this cloth predestined relationship: It is to have good extensibility, hygroscopic, have wear-resisting, alkali resistance again at the same time, be able to bear or endure bask in, be able to bear or endure a series of advantages such as bug eat by moth, can prolong service life thereby; 2 it is color is abounded, consumer preference room is big.
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