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Expect in: Downstream demand decreases

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Expect groovy variety price goes situation contrast to express an unit in a week: Yuan / meter

170T of cleanse tower husband Play Chun Ya to spin 170T partly Lightsome spin 210T Last week This week Litre fall Last week This week Litre fall Last week This week Litre fall 1.18 1.18 0 1.40 1.40 0 1.28 1.28 0

  Expect in fabric: A week comes, groovy “ makes the same score gush ” kind the sale is very insipid, especially the situation that groovy product is like cleanse tower husband is more grim, product value because produce,also can pass big and lack of power, price of 210T, 230T all has 0.02-0.03 to reduce; And quoted price of market of husband of tower of cleanse of 170T, 180T, 190T parts stability is in 1.18 yuan / rice, 1.26 yuan / rice, 1.38 yuan / rice; Lightsome although have,spin sales volume of 190T, 210T rise slightly, the price inside Dan Benzhou still is maintained last week level, at present market quoted price is in 1.25 yuan / rice, 1.28 yuan / rice. Play Chun Ya to spin 170T, 190T partly change of the price inside this week is not big. Small jacquard weave and satin weave, twill kind the sale of the product, latter and brisk rate drops in temperature somewhat; And twill beauty of silken, cleanse is in silken, Shu Mei it is OK to appear inside this week, but beautiful silken price goes a surname situation give now to move. 80/20 of pure cleanse gauze or 90/10 and DTY100D network silk interweave carry, carry fabric of the makings in case, the market trades to spread out somewhat, price makes an appointment with 2 yuan / rice fluctuates, the product is main dress bag sacking, disclose according to managing, this cloth Shang Yousheng produces small gain, and downstream output is not big, market supply demand relations is good. From in in light of makings market, draw near Spring Festival market trades the quantity decreases apparently, produce and sale of the makings in downstream weaving is at present rough, and the makings in ” of groovy “ smooth in season is invisible stock room does not fall high, prices of weak city of the makings in the city after looking still will continue.
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