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Cheng Ze market moves the half moon on January 2008 annul face, in makings fast

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Enter January, expect in trade be immersed in shrink quantity posture, winter dress fabrics is overall sale glides apparently, fabrics market breed trades show “ of weak much hotter little ” go situation, but the Buddhist nun overcomes 5 damask, Hua Yao, cloth of bounce of cloth of jacquard weave of cloth with soft nap of twill riches and honour, cation, bright and beautiful cotton, disappear is smooth tower silk grand sell in the near future very smooth. Be as follows the respect such as item characteristics, price now:

   5 damask sales volume rises successively: The market trades greatly each area shipment is frequent. Manage an introduction according to 8 business division, 5 with 75D/100D norms damask on the market are most at present common, this product is with different of triangle of big bright of polyester fibber FDY75D silk classics, weft uses silk of network of polyester fibber DTY100D/36F, satin weave, in gush water or interweave on loom having shuttle and become. Grey is passed a series of hind after arranging, softness of slippery bright of the overhang sense with be had certain, feel, burnish is bright beautiful, the market of 5 damask is very vast, groovy door in order to make night clothes, sleep gown, childen's garments is in the majority, li of makings of high-grade dress in also can serving as, broaden door the production that can be used at bedding. In addition, according to fabric characteristic, 5 damask still have a channel that is used extensively, serve as gift package namely with, have shuttle 5 damask (great majority comes from long promote, Nantong) the liner that gift box often is served as after catching golden look is used. As we have learned, at present 160 centimeters of doors the price of grey is in 2.5 yuan / rice left and right sides, the sell like hot cakes of the product has not driven the rise of the price temporarily.

   Hua Yao Buddhist nun overcomes a sale smooth: Series fabrics regards Hua Yao as traditional fabrics, there is pretty good sale outstanding achievement on Cheng Ze market all the time, weigh Zhen Xiongfeng with new features again in the market recently. The author arrives in the in visitting understanding of the market, product of Hua Yao series---Nick, drew the close attention of travelling merchant, sale situation is quite smooth. Breed of fabrics of Hua Yao series---Nick, it is raw material with polyester fibber DTY75D/ 72F, fabric organization adopts tabby change, odd gush is used to double perhaps gush interweaves and be become on gush water loom, craft does not provide craftsmanship, fabrics feels strong with its feel softness, overhang, dress it is comfortable, good to take a sex the sale window that waits for a characteristic to make the market. Fabric width of fabrics of its finished product is 150cm commonly, the gram makes an appointment with 180 grams again / rice, show white base market to clinch a deal valence is in 4.1 yuan / rice left and right sides, this fabrics can design man pants outfit already, can make outfit of lady suit, skirt and childen's garments again, sportswear is acted the role of. Because the Buddhist nun restrains a price that takes gender and moderate goodly with its, get of consumer love, become dress to purchase the fabrics that business favors.
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