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Year old end " arteries and veins " carry on starts market of fabrics of the 10

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As the drawing near of the Spring Festival, more and more mercer already began to be look lock surely on the choose and buy of fabrics of beginning of spring, accordingly, be like stock up of intervening market of as soon as possible, aux will be able to shares morely for oneself a cup of a thick soup.

Pass many days 10 again, be about to enter festival of annual traditional the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, plus near future our city the sale of winter fabrics market of a few professional markets already began to near end, this lets an our city business of many fabrics production, sale begins to change the key to the popular fabrics 2008 to go up.

Look into 2008, face the aggravate that commerce competes, drawback of calefacient, exit reduces global climate, the RMB appreciates, resource advantage drops, the interference of a lot of and adverse element such as raw material shortage, what what fabrics can become market of fabrics of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day to go up is new bestow favor on?

Fabrics of “ shirt cloth, jean, pure cotton, tall flexibility is thin model fiber cloth, can get the greeting ” of the market, in interview, according to the our city a major is engaged in the mercer introduction of fabrics marketing, at present many enterprises had thrown a large number of manpower, material resources to have the production of Chun Xia fabrics and development, can anticipate, 2008 Chun Xia is seasonal, regular meeting adds the new face of breed of emulation silk fabrics greatly, and also will be in fabrics market be popular, especially the emulation silk fabrics with stronger functions of those sweat of moisture absorption platoon, because its mix into was entered,have moisture absorption, bibulous, medicinal powder the special fiber of hot character, and wide suffer a manufacturer love, what hopeful makes the market is new bestow favor on.

In the mercer that market of north of bridge stalking or branch is engaged in fabrics trading Mr Li also thinks, after the Spring Festival passes, as air temperature ceaseless and elevatory, many our city companies change Chun Xia to the product mainly with respect to meeting general production, those emulation silk fabrics are met the commutation as season, get increasingly the favour of the market, sales volume and price persistently upgrade leap up.

But also a few mercer think, design it is novel, good to have slippery bright of flax fabric style, feel, drapability, hold out and do not knit, the style is charming the flax that waits for an advantage kind fabrics also is the main product with indispensable market, and this is planted because fabrics uses gush water weaving, quality stability, price is substantial, suit the masses to consume a group, so the disappear quantity of the market also is quite breathtaking.

In visitting investigation, according to fabrics market many distributors introduce, basis in last few years in light of the popular trend on fabrics market, contracted change a main trend that will make market fabrics develop, accordingly, in the infuse on traditional fabrics the product after embroider of a few high-quality goods, meet probably increasing those who get customer is new bestow favor on.
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