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Bounce of cotton of thin silk of city of lake city silk is silken show itself

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Recently, bounce of cotton of a thin silk is silken appear on the market in city of silk of Zhejiang lake city, sale foreground is valued.

Bounce of thin silk cotton is silken it is raw material with black silk ribbon of 55% white filature silk, 42% bombazine, 3% ammonia, choose fine plain weave to be on rapier loom weaving, through how early or late excellent catch whole craft to machine and become. Compare with photograph of traditional thin silk a soft silk fabric, the exterior grain of fabrics is more clear and decorous, feel is plump glutinous slips. Material is qualitative on match with black silk ribbon of cotton, ammonia, provide more breathe freely goodly and adjustable flexibility. Captured on the technology the tension in weaving process, hit what music and refine do a process to go model, crinkly wait for difficult problem, make fabric has the characteristic with even bounce. Go up with use function in function, this product was extended take property, make thin silk silken product to motion kind dress way develops, cloth cover fabric width is 120 centimeters, appear on the market now every meters of trade price is 42 yuan. This cloth can make skirt outfit, recreational sportswear wait, get big in the favour of urban travelling merchant and foreign trader.

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