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Cheng Ze expects market level is commented in chemical fibber fabrics (on Januar

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 Market of the makings in whole chemical fibber, fabrics is sold still insipid, but the chamois sale in fabrics is better, this fabrics raw material is 105D×150D, norms is 13×5×33, machine weaving is knitted in gush water and become (air-jet loom effect is better) , the door for 160cm, the gram is in again 145g/ ㎡, newest price is in the near future 5.3 yuan / rice left and right sides. Respect processing is arranged after grey classics, make its quality of a material good Yu Wei chamois, sense of cloth with soft nap is strong, rich it is its biggest characteristic, fabrics can pass bronzing, press the craft processing such as flower, stiletto, printing, make classics chamois not only apply to outfit of age of the slipcover that make, vestee, lady, and after printing, still can do a curtain to use cloth. Current, sale in domestic market of this fabrics foreign trade has very big market, foreign trade basically is sold toward Euramerican wait for a developed country, accordingly, this paragraph of time purchases business favour. Chun Ya spins sale to the limit of one's capacity, the order of manufacturer of downstream dress production is ceaseless, the market sells foreground to value. Switch on the mobile phone circumstance respect, weaving of water of spurt of Cheng Ze region switchs on the mobile phone rate is current be in about 56% the left and right sides, at present weaving of water of spurt of Cheng Ze region switchs on the mobile phone rate show continuously drop posture.

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