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Discuss the node of group of industry of new period spin, professional market an

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This net dispatch (the reporter wears Shen Xiangying of red Mei Haojie) the important economy form that spin industry group has made Chinese textile industry, also be the main component of Chinese textile industry; Spin major market is another kind of of production and sale distinctive economy appearance, also be the union of production and market. " spin dress weekly " the proceedings of a conferences that regards Chinese textile industry as association, it is association is vast enterprise, for the industry, for the industry one of group, important kind that for major the market serves. This year since correcting, got the wide attention inside course of study.

Face domestic and international new situation, how to look for accurate node, make proceedings of a conferences more effective, more specific aim ground is industrial group and professional market service is the main task that association serves for the industry. On January 13, this print and the delegate that come from area of association, government, group, professional market, enterprise hold an informal discussion in Jiangsu Changshu, listen attentively to the requirement of the opinion that group and market build to the journal and content, discuss the way that cooperates in propagandist respect jointly, with period make " spin dress weekly " increasing industry innovation capacity, stimulative industry upgrades the effect with respect bigger play.

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