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Fabrics of fiber of memory of Cheng Ze market becomes product of 8 years of heat

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Recently, the memorial fabrics of Cheng Ze market makes the heat product on the market, great majority of downstream weaving manufacturer uses limited company of chemical fibber of Wu Jiang circumference to produce PTT to remember fiber, norms of fiber of memory of this company PTT is various, among them FDY stretch silk is had outstanding, still PTT remembers hollow fiber, suit to produce knitting underwear fabrics especially.

Remembering fabrics is 8 years advocate hit fabrics, fabrics feel is downy, pay the figure that kept a hand to catch on fabrics with the hand, reoccupy hand is stroked smooth, the mark that leave disappeared. As we have learned, popular the latest fashion exhibits the effect that can increase vogue through making a few drape, dress finalizes the design commonly used method is knit in dress material do not become rusty metallic fiber, but the fabrics after the course is handled so, after classics coloring is machined, show slightly inflexible, wearing comfortable sex to also be reduced greatly. To avoid afore-mentioned problems, limited company of chemical fibber of Wu Jiang circumference strengthened PTT to remember the research and development of material, new roll out a series of PTT to remember functional fiber, through enhancing the attrition power of fiber surface, make appearance is withheld all the time, resembled having memorial function.

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