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Hemp mixes spinning and its production methods

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Name: Hemp blending gauze and   of of its production methods file order: 200310106694.9   publishs name: CN1609299   publishs day: Applicant of 2005.04.27   : Summary of patent of   of Xue Dongmei: This invention made public gauze of blending of a kind of hemp and its production methods. The invention aims to offer a kind to be able to change flax and fiber of spinning of its blending fiber orderly the inadequacy that much, spinnability differs degree of difference, short fine hair, the hemp that improves gauze quality mixes spinning and its production methods. What the invention narrates scale of constituent of hemp blending gauze to be: Flax and polyvinyl alcohol fibber of dissolubility of blending fiber ∶ are 50 - 60 ∶ 50 - 40. What the invention narrates the production methods of hemp blending gauze, be after mixing the material of afore-mentioned constituent, undertake by spin convention, after retreating an oar, use dye jigger, yu Shuizhong of bleeding agent dissolve, go 10 - 15, wash in 100 ℃ water 2 - 5, wash every time 3 - 5, cold finally bath finishs unreel.

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