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SPEEDO: Look for accurate market schedule

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SPEEDO, to the natant lover of zealous speed, absolutely not unfamiliar. Can say, in natant appliance and dress domain, the number one position of SPEEDO cannot shake. Without doubt, deciding the chief factor of SPEEDO overlord position, blame science and technology not is belonged to. LZR RACERSwimsuit horizontal stroke is born for nothing On Feburary 12, london, to celebrate celebration of SPEEDO 80 anniversary, independent test confirms the classics of new research and development to be released for the fastest LZR RACER swimsuit on current world. "Plunge when me the one instant in water, I feel I resemble a rocket. " Fei Feierpusi says Michael. Feierpusi, 6 worlds record holder, participated in the development of LZR RACER swimsuit, he still expects to be able to put on it to break include of record of a world later on this year 8 gold. "Ground of my too impatient to wait thinks it goes to dress the match... it pushs natant motion to new height. " ooze of desert of plan of chairman of department of market of sports of limited company of dress of Feng of Nanning fine horse introduces, the shark skin that LZR RACER swimsuit releases than 2004 10 % fight tower above of 2 acting FASTSKIN FSII obstruction, the shark skin that prep above released in March 2007 the rate refusing block of % of 3 acting FS-PRO 5. Limited company of dress of Feng of Nanning fine horse is limited company of dress of Feng of Hong Kong fine horse is managed to expand open. In Feburary 2007, limited company of dress of Feng of Nanning fine horse obtained the dealership of area of SPEEDO big China, develop design, production, sale by oneself. High-tech fabrics first machine Already made the to SPEEDO unanimous view inside course of study with card of nob of science and technology. LZR RACER swimsuit by send gently, closely character, the LZR Pulse fabrics of catchment is made, LZR RACER is the world on first do not have juncture completely to connect swimsuit of body whole body with ultrasonic suture. Super- prevent object press fabrics face built-in LZR line, form " hydrogenous synthesis reduces a system " , help trunk maintains stability and ideal current sex in water, energy is provided more in making cut water more agile freely. It is reported, after SPEEDO scans to trunk of 400 top class swimmers, the design of the fabrics that differs to 100 kinds again and swimsuit did a test. These rely on the help of a few famous orgnaizations on the world: Research center of Lang Lei of bureau of American space navigation (NASA Langley Research Centre) , association of Australian athletic sports (AIS) , company of international of university of abstruse tower case, ANSYS. The result of research is to pass stereo figuration to gift swimsuit core stabilizes a technology, the bracket of similar leotard props up the body that has an athlete, affecting athletic extend range while the effect that has to stabilize a body to balance in underwater. Swimsuit of SPEEDO LZR RACER already carried the world swim of couplet association approbate, will appear in March worldwide on the Olympic Games trials inside. This swimsuit of retail edition also is on May ark.
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