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Knitted fabric is smooth acquire renewing technology

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Number: Name of 2007-S-013   project: Knitted fabric is smooth catch renewing technology   to complete an unit: Limited company of machinery of Benin case spinProject general situation: Company of Swiss Benin pattern makes the same score a drive that acquires entire facility to knitted fabric control, prevented the crucial technology such as an edge to undertake innovate and be improvemented, make knitted fabric can undertake making the same score a treatment, and can achieve woven fabric to catch whole low bath to compare. The technology wants a place: Traditional knitted fabric is caught whole use stringy shape to be not successive processing technique more, but its are existing a few weakness that overcome hard, for example bath is bigger, amount of steam of bad news of bad news water is large, abrade is cottony, the crock differs coloring to wait greatly. Additional, the constituent structure of knitted fabric decided its catch full treatment to have puissant coil lowly, easily the problem such as the edge, company of Swiss Benin pattern made the same score the crucial technology such as a transmission control that acquires entire facility to undertake innovate and be improvemented to knitted fabric, rolled out successive pre-treatment a series of equipment such as machine of the bath after machine of the bath after machine, cold rolling piles machine of coloring machine, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, coloring, printing. Economic evaluation: Use above to make the same score a processing technique, quantity of steam of bad news of bad news water can reduce 50 % , synthesis of treatment put together reduces L0 % originally - 25 % . The expert comments on: Benin pattern company is one of world-famous spin machine manufacturer, the knitted fabric that they roll out makes the same score a the largest dominant position that acquires renewing technology is the treatment class that can improve a product, in the meantime, can achieve again energy-saving the goal that reduces a platoon, but equipment price costly, investment is the difficulty that its popularize greatly.

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