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PTT develops the application on in real silk product

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Real silk fabric serves as traditional high-grade fabrics, with its soft and beautiful burnish, comfortable tactility is mixed wearing what comfortable sex won people to love. But the defect of real silk is the same as an advantage euqally apparent, real silk fabrics is easy drape, time long color can float yellow, catharsis maintains very no-go. To the life of contemporary fast rhythm, while people is going after comfortable sex, those who prefer fabrics is easy nurse, wash can wear wait for a characteristic, applied limits and applicable crowd get since because this is true filar fabric is long-term very big limitation, urgent need combines new-style fiber and real silk to form complementary, increase the class of real silk product, the applied domain of product of patulous real silk. In recent years, what the occurrence as new-style polyester PTT and people know to function of this kind of polyester is ceaseless deepen, its are shown more and more in the applied advantage on real silk. In the beginning of PET appears, a lot of people that pursue products plan ever wanted to apply this kind of polyester to the intertexture with real silk or blending, with period it is good to use sex of reply of PET fibrous flexibility, fight knit the defect that waits for character to improve real silk, but real case is not good. Because PET colored temperature is higher, when the real silk when temperature is exorbitant meeting occurrence extensive fizzles out, affect the performance of the product thereby, so long-term since the way that PET takes emulation silk. Compare with PET photograph, PTT can come true to often press boil to catch, nonexistent afore-mentioned difficult problem, and the filament of PTT appearance memory with the fiber of stretch and exceedingly good PTT/PET double constituent that the last few years appears and memorial superior performance gave PTT to bring wide development perspective on development of real silk product. Come round to look from eye, PTT develops respect application to basically include in real silk product: It is the development of fabrics of real silk bounce, this kind of product makes full use of the flexibility with PTT/PET compound exceedingly good silk and stretch reply sex, fiber of low proportional PTT is joined in real silk product, the feel of real silk fabric, burnish and comfortable sex are not affected on main body, can improve the dress performance of real silk fabrics greatly however, increase the flexibility of fabrics. 2 it is the development that real silk remembers fabrics partly, after alleged memory fabrics points to fabrics drape commonly, it is OK to be felt gently with handle gently reply level off. From 2006 since the bottom, PTT appearance remembers fabrics to call the market of Chinese function fabrics noisy, make one of products of high additional cost with rare home market. PTT form memorial silk introduces real silk product to be developed, develop the real silk product of half memory, can expand the applied limits of real silk fabrics further. Additional, match PTT fiber and real silk ably, development protruding spends fabrics, develop real silk / fabrics of gauze of PTT Bao Xin is the way that product of new-style real silk develops future. Of course, so far, because all sorts of conditions are restricted, PTT develops respect application in real silk fabrics less, nevertheless more and more silk enterprises show pair of PTT fibrous interest, believe prospective PTT fiber is developed in real silk product can be able to develop his skill to full.
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