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Practice of cotton of efficient and energy-saving cleanse is caught with bath ne

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Cleanse cotton fabric is to suffer one of fabrics of consumer gay spin quite, because contain cleanse cotton double constituent, give attention to two or morethings advantage of two kinds of fibrous, have the price cheap, hygroscopic good, protect model the good point with good sex. But, because contain different constituent, coloring process is relatively trival, conventional coloring treatment must include coloring of cotton constituent pre-treatment, cleanse, cotton coloring 3 flow, not only take time, and bad news craft of pilot of low, quality nods can big, efficiency much, the product pledges the quantity is controlled not easily. Limited company of justice black Jia Delai expects through will new-style material SR applies at the treatment process of cleanse cotton fabric, innovation a kind of efficient and energy-saving cleanse cotton practice is caught with bath new technology, shortened technological process, achieved energy-saving reduce the platoon, goal that improves treatment efficiency. The SR new technology of efficient environmental protection serves as a latent capacity very big energy-saving decrease a new technology, worth while to undertake popularizing inside course of study. Produce per year a quantity by countrywide coloring fabrics 500 thousand tons of computation, but resource of managing fresh water 25 million tons, reduce sewage to discharge 25 million tons, managing vapour 1.25 million tons, managing report 45 million kilowatt, reduce caustic soda dosage 1 million tons, manufacturing efficiency rises 25% , the integrated and direct cost of every tons of fabrics can reduce 1116.2 yuan, year managing cost 560 million yuan. Implementation of the blending of much constituent fiber that this technology can drive industry of our country whole printing and dyeing, intertexture is energy-saving fall the cleanness with efficient bad news acquires full production, have very great market potential and promotion value and remarkable economic benefits and social beneficial result.

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