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Active dye does not have evaporate of saline make friends successive coloring cr

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Number: Name of 2007-G-001   project: Active dye does not have evaporate of saline make friends   of successive coloring craft completes an unit: Shanxi colour beautiful limited company of printing and dyeing Project general situation: Active dye does not have evaporate of saline make friends successive coloring craft has technology the technology with reliable, economic benefits and environmental protection outstanding benefit is advanced quality. The dye of this craft, auxiliary and equipment already all came true homebred change. The technology wants a place: Technology of steam of the make friends that do not have salt will be active the make friends of dye printing and dyeing, carbonado, make friends, evaporate, wash 5 paces craft to simplify for 3 paces craft, namely: Make friends, evaporate, wash. Catch in common successive roll on machine, need not render machine finished active dye with colour developing soaper only successive colored whole process. Evaporate of the make friends that do not have salt is successive coloring aircraft flow is: Dye of make friends of dip of → of refrigeration of roller of cold water of the → that enter cloth and solid color are alkaline evaporate of → of reductive evaporate box washs mouth of packing of → of leak of mixed liquor → box 7 → drying (φ 800 carbonado canister 20) → falls cloth. At present the unit that finish already used this technology to manufacture 50 many variety, accumulative total crop amounts to 400 thousand meters of above. Carbonado with traditional make friends photograph of technology of make friends steam is compared, this craft leave out render, leave out infrared ray carbonadoes beforehand and carbonado canister drying, fabric is caught it is good to appear a gender and prevented dye migration; Decreased to change the workload brushing a car of breed, improved efficiency, suit small quantity coloring, solved treatment to raise high density fabric high to be knitted in the generation on render machine thoroughly problem. Use dye and alkaline agent successive make friends catchs one bath, go all out catch demitint stability; Decreased to operate personnel, reduced the cost that use worker worker; Reduced craft reference point, be helpful for improving product quality. Economic evaluation: Used technology of steam of the make friends that do not have salt to reduce coloring chemical dosage 90% , from go up at all the salt in removing foul water of printing and dyeing hard the difficult problem of purify. Because of coloring need not salt, float color is answered not easily touch, improved the catharsis sex of coloring cloth, reduce sewage to discharge 30% above, still raised colour fastness. Below normal condition, successive make friends catchs evaporate of a make friends that do not have salt machine is annual and OK managing vapour 3847.5 tons, section water 10 thousand tons, section report one hundred and ninety-four thousand four hundred degrees, section salt 360 tons, printing and dyeing of every meters of cloth processes charge but managing 0.08 yuan or so; Include to be expended inside artificially, annual and managing cost makes an appointment with 550 thousand yuan.
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