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My army is prevented change arms is new-style defend take appear on a soldier to

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Load epidemic prevention task prevent change arms dress new generation to defend take launching operation. Sun Zhiguo is photographed

Today, some a group army prevents Chengdu area command change a group to be in boreal plain county to undertake washing disappear again. With what differ before be, of dress of officers and soldiers defend take became white by original reseda. Prevent the group that turn a group to grow Introduction Xie Zhirong according to this a group army: "Differ besides color outside, new generation defends take have already defend before the function that serve, still have fully wet, fight electrostatic, fight the skin exciting, be able to bear or endure it is good to wash function of machinery of disappear, physics wait for a characteristic, can wear for long wear and fight. Can wear for long wear and fight..

Before this, my army is prevented change arms is main dress 65 model defend take. As a result of this model defend take use balata material to be made, although isolation sex is good, but breathe freely, fully wet effect is not quite ideal. This group before this is in boreal plain washs disappear, although horary one rotate, take off next gassing defence to take every time can hear sweat " clang " the ground teem.

New generation of my what develop by general assembly army " light type is fully wet defend take " deserve to send shake area to prevent turn unit, already what utmost ground protects officers and soldiers is healthy, improved exercise quality and beneficial result again. According to expert introduction, new generation defends take use some new-style and special data, layer fabrics can hold back the small droplet of toxic and steam outside, air and vapor can be passed through however.

See in the spot that wash disappear, below the air temperature that controls in 35 ℃ , officers and soldiers resembled dripping with sweat in that way before no longer, horary in the past one rotate also turns into two hours one rotate.

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