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Group of egret of Hong Kong aigret aing jade-like stone rolls out contest but co

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A few days ago, egret of aigret of classics Hong Kong aing jade-like stone (the high-tech that orgnaization of research and development of LOOKSEE) international group studies production wholeheartedly is brand-new fabrics -- contest but (unripe fabrics of copy of oxygen of abide of Cyc-O) high speed appears on the market ceremoniously. This fabrics is the fabrics of health care of new generation underwear that uses bionics principle to be developed solely, world of firm one side receives the highly praise of professional personage namely.

Contest but (unripe fabrics of copy of oxygen of abide of Cyc-O) high speed uses natural fern to extract content to be raw material, use contemporary bionics principle, imitate the structure of 6 arris element of natural bamboo charcoal, its biggest characteristic is oxygen of high speed abide, stimulative skin blood circulates, drop in temperature effectively, dress dry bright is downy and cool, comfortable.

The structure of 6 arris element with natural bamboo unique charcoal has very strong structure security and air stereo negotiability, be applied extensively at sanitarian domain. Via aigret personnel of research and development of group of international of egret aing jade-like stone considers to discover, structure of 6 arris element applies clothing fabrics inside to go up, the oxygen outside can allowing the skin and system maintains large area to contact, and the activity as the body, the oxygen outside the heat energy that skin metabolism sends out and body forms high-speed in 6 arris space stereo air current circulates. The aerobic loop speed of unripe fabrics of this kind of copy should compare general fabrics 5.8 times faster above. And, on the base that retains Gao Yan malleability, of structure of 6 arris element apply make underwear fabrics more complaisant Yi Gan of stable, Yi Xi, never be out of shape.

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