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Natural spin fiber synthesizes fabric to be born

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A few days ago, one spin of city of yellow hill of the Anhui province limited company is own a kind of research and development " method of filar damask spin " the technology is granted patent by bureau of Chinese intellectual property. It is reported, this technology fill home is blank.

According to introducing, the fabrics of new silk damask that with this kind new technology produces belongs to fiber of pure natural spin to synthesize fabric. This technology uses mulberry silk and natural colour cotton the natural fiber function of two kinds of different character, carry reasonable design development, make fabrics front maintains the high quality scales with mulberry silk ablaze burnish, the reverse side reflects natural colour cotton return uncut jade to return true, achieve luxuriant and comfortable fancy result. Softness of feel of fabrics of new silk damask, cool breathe freely, have the luxuriant riches and honor of real silk already, what have complete cotton again is downy and comfortable wait for an advantage, fabric has good dress performance to reach the natural function that fight bacterium. Fabrics need not chemical coloring, reduced cost already, reduce pollution again, market competition advantage is very clear.

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