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Fiber of rice allowing offer " obedient " technology

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Everybody knows, want to produce a fabrics, yarn should expect according to the face the craft of stylist asks, press figuration of ability of certain regular combination, weaving. That has hair silk diameter only the accept rice fiber of 1/1500, can resemble yarn same " obedient " , weave fabrics according to the requirement?

Like how exceeding these thin accept rice fiber to resemble the yarn on loom, the design according to people expect undertakes braiding, it is a difficult problem that puzzling scientists of electric filature domain all the time.

Recently, the reporter gets an information from institute of silicate of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences, they can have used advanced electric filature technology, the accept rice fiber that makes the eye that use the meat invisible becomes " obedient " , can the apiration according to the scientist, "Knit " give the pattern such as grid of twill, cirque and even Chinese knot, Scotland, and the scientist has tried a variety of stuff, can " knit " the Namibu that issues well-regulated grain appearance.

This period bridge maple parlor, the staff of research and development that we ask this technology -- Chang Jiang of researcher of institute of silicate of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ask him to introduce the research and development of this technology and applied domain.

Compere: What is asking you to give everybody introduction first electric filature technology?

Chang Jiang: Electric filature technology is to use polymer solution (or fuse-element) the eject below electric field action, come class of preparation accept rice exceeds careful fibrous method of a kind of new-style treatment. An unit of common electric filature preparation basically comprises by 3 parts: The device of high-pressured power source, lay aside fluid that contains electric spinneret and collect implement. Bring to bear on in spinneret place when the instrument works a high pressure, can be the same as low pressure to collect in high-pressured shower nozzle so implement between produce an electric field, when voltage increases fixed rate, solution can overcome exterior tension and viscoelasticity force below the action in electrostatic repulsion, come out from spinneret eject and form efflux, efflux is moving to receiver refine gradually in the process, at the same time solvent volatilizes, collecting finally implement on form electric filature fiber.

These filamentary diameters have 50 ~ only commonly 500 accept rice. If be calculated with 50 accept rice, 1/1500 what their degree of finish is equivalent to diameter of silk of a hair only.

Compere: Compare before electric filature technology, let accept rice fiber this become " obedient " what is the key?

Chang Jiang: We this technology says exactly to should be called " can accuse electric filature technology " , because we consider to discover, fibrous deposit and arrange basically control by two kinds of active force, among them the electric field force that for consist in spinneret is the same as the electrostatic place between receiver one kind to arise, next face are used to receiver moves and be close to in electric field master piece when electric filature fiber at collecting implement when, static charge of area of fiber surface place will be revulsive collect implement the electrostatic carry on one's shoulder with exterior generation contrary polarity, attract each other between opposite sex charge produce coulomb gravitation thereby, this is the influence fiber deposit that we allude and another when arrange main active force. Accordingly, want to make report spins silk " obedient " ground deposit and arrange, be about to begin to control these two main influencing factor.
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