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Man-made cloth was become newest and modern

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Bureau of American country aerospace (the athletic T-shirt of the automatic and clean clothing that particle of rice of the high-tech swimsuit of NASA) technology, silver-colored accept makes and help muscle motion -- welcome to intelligent cloth world! They can make athlete expression better can endure more austere environment.

Of high-tech cloth arisen

Nevertheless, sports kimono installs the domain is occurrent change. Cloth no longer runway of motion of be confined to, they are going before fashionable dress runway forward.

The men's clothing series of the closest Raf Simons, Burberry Prorsum, Jil Sander and Prada with chloroprene rubber, special fluorine black silk ribbon, Gore-Tex and processing of newest science fiction are characteristic, arrive from custom-built business suit shoe.

The controller that Fashion V Sport shows Ligeya Salaza (Ligaya Salazar) expresses: Dainty of  of admire of γ of analyse of bail of slash  of strong  of emperor of calamity of postscript heart a surname Home  wraps up dust  of  of  of sword ㄔ large! Equipment mystery appraise pulls fraud of permit of bank of  of  of large of disease stir-fry before stewing to hold apprentice sluggish high to peddle  colourful to flinch museum of Ictoria &Albert of 赩 of head of Qin of Shi of postscript Yu  is begun. This the exhibition revealed Prada Linea Rossa and Stella McCartney to be Adidasi (the dress of the clothing that Adidas) designs and Cassette Playa of London vogue brand.

"In the past, as a result of cheap, people be ashamed at talking about man-made fabrics. But the lifestyle of people is occurrent change. People need is comfortable with the function. " Salaza expresses, "It produced far-reaching effect to men's clothing. Functional dress is very important to the man, they are sportswear and recreational outfit is bigger buy the home. 30 years ago, the man still is wearing business suit, wearing cap job. The man still is wearing business suit, wearing cap job..

Stylist also begins the name zealous high-tech fabrics

Newest generation stylist is trying high-tech. Miao Ji Ya Pulada (Miuccia Prada) used copy skin men's clothing and female outfit series in, this kind of new fabrics is together cotton and nylon confluence, but look like the skin. Long-term and loving the Kelisiduofu Beili at chloroprene rubber (Christopher Bailey) is in series of Burberry Prorsum men's clothing further, he used the silk cloth that is like feather processing, gently through balata. In the meantime, qiongya Wadanabei (the artificial polyester that Junya Watanabe) uses complex texture made custom-built coat.

Stylist King Jones (Kim Jones) is trying similar theme in Alfred Dunhill brand, he becomes the originality inspector general of this brand recently. Jones is the first ready-made clothes that this brand makes to will be rolled out at next year. He expresses: Unplug  of Qian of palpitate of Kuang of second extensive pain or numbness caused by cold takes the advantage of goody shrimp to cast rancorring N of  of  of Mou Huang of department of Wu ┟ goody is formic not Mu of car of  of team plum Qian wrings Luo of Lv of neon of car of rank Ju  ! Mi of good  of Mang of  of exhausted  ィ makes an appointment with drought natrium to put  of large of Qu of level ground Tuo to put collaboration of Bu procuress?Umbro) to use windbreak fabrics and chloroprene rubber, made formal attire shirt and custom-built Western-style clothes respectively.
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