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French army chooses new-style fabrics equipment to fight take

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Before long, the equipment that fabrics of V50 of use Kermel brand and VMC40 fiber makes and dress of communication unifinication dogface, will wear go up in French soldier body. The reporter learns from office of information of French science and technology, fight by what fabrics of afore-mentioned two kinds of fiber make take the test that already passed French army, and will this year the end of the year is thrown first use.

Among them, v50 fiber fabrics will use as the summer fights take, VMC40 fiber fabrics will use as winter fights take. As we have learned, v50 fibrous plasticity and FR stick glue fibrous to absorb ability to make fight take dress to rise very comfortable, and was united in wedlock transcend the strong gender that prevent heat, make fight take the climate environment that can get used to the summer and excessive season. VMC40 fiber is another fabrics of Kermel company newest research and development. As the good choice below moisture and chilly climate condition, feel of this kind of fibrous is soft, and will guide wet be united in wedlock together with flame retardation. The course checks on the spot, two kinds of fabrics have natural flame retardation, for many times after catharsis, fight take still save its camouflage can in good conditionly to defend quality.

It is reported, kermel company defends in Europe take a domain to have banner place, fabrics of its V50 and VMC40 fiber all passes Oeko-Tex 100 attestation and achieve its health to defend standard. In addition, defend with what Kermel fiber place makes take still apply at equipment of fire prevention, cavalry, police to arm safeguard the domain such as equipment and dangerous operation industry.

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