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Kelp also can spin dress material

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A few days ago, a kind of new-style fiber that the name is ” of fiber of ocean of “ sea alga breeds base to develop a success in key laboratory of Qingdao university state. Concerned expert thinks, the new material of Yu Haizao of this kind of draw materials makes start for fiber inside limits all over the world a new field.
Before the finished product cloth that weaves with sea alga fiber in, the reporter had intimate contact with its. Cloth feel is soft, colour and lustre is bright, do not look to go out with common hand-me-down cloth have any distinction. According to be in charge of the chief scientist of this project Xia Yan sends professor introduction, raw material of sea alga fibrous is taken from the algal acid salt in kelp, make solvent with water, use aspic gel gum wet filature shapes technology, make high polymer of algal acid salt times taller drawing and caky shape organic union, obtained the algal fiber with good performance thereby. This fiber is taken from ocean, resourceful but second birth, fiber but degradation. From the raw material production to finished product cloth, whole process does not add any chemical part, make this product has the environmental protection character that fiber of current chemical fibber cannot compare thereby. In addition, this kinds of marine fiber still has the function such as effect of screen of substaintial and flame retardant, electromagnetic wave and good spin to machine function, can use at biology medical sex of material, electromagnetism screen material, function defends textile.
The research and development of project of sea alga fiber means afterwards mankind through cultivating cotton, marijuana, kind mulberry sericiculture wants fine peace keeping to land through recovering petroleum, after looking for fiber from underground, much a —— of new fiber development domain wants fiber to ocean. Send the introduction according to Xia Yan, compared with the thread that has coequal function, cost of sea alga fiber is relatively inferior, its research and development is successful, have wide market perspective not only, can last of the industry to driving our country spin more development has very important sense.

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