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The expectation of new technology of the thickener in textile printing

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In the textile with colorful profusion, printed fabric occupies the most significant position undoubtedly. According to steam cling to the company estimates the whole world everyday printed fabric crop amounts to many meters 4000, among them the half is produced in the Asia, only 1l% is produced in North America, 70% above printed fabric is cotton or cleanse cotton fabric. The coating in printed fabric is occupied 65% , active dye is occupied 15% , dispersive dye is occupied 10% , acidity etc dye is occupied 10% . In printed fabric women's appearance consumption is occupied 40% , bedding is occupied 25% , product of etc of cloth of shirt, furniture is occupied 35% . These printing use technology of printing of traditional screen mesh mostly at present, include plain net and round net printing. Lubricious oar of screen mesh printing is general by dye (or painty) , auxiliary and former burnt composition. The action that printing papers formerly is to make lubricious oar has certain viscosity and fluidity, it by hydrophily high polymer content thickener modulation and into. Thickener imprints in screen mesh crucial effect has in recipe of oar of design and color, it controls printing oar those who shed denaturation and printing quality permeate and migratory. Besides dye function, thickener is the mainest factor that decides printing quality. The natural thickener with the at present biggest dosage includes algal acid natrium (use at active dye and) of dispersive dye printing commonly, melon fabaceous glue or glue of other plant seed (commonly used at dispersive dye printing) reach starch (use at) of vat dye printing. The advantage of natural thickener is the Yi Qing after printing firm color is washed, form solid diaphragm to be able to prevent printing quality to touch build. Its defect is complete to hydrate needs longer (8—24h) , likelihood and dye react, quantity giving look is inferior. With acrylic acid (PAA) has false model to shed denaturation for synthetic thickener of the representing, cut attenuation character namely, below stress action viscosity changes big, and can reply instantly after stress is eliminated former viscosity. Because this synthesizes thickener to need 3% chroma of L% ~ to have effectiveness namely only, and natural thickener chroma needs 10% ability to achieve lubricious oar place to need viscosity, and rate of synthetic thickener to hydrate is rapid, printing decorative pattern is clear, osmotic ideal, amount giving look is larger, lubricious look-through is better. But traditional PAA thickener is sensitive to electrolyte, coating color chroma can make lubricious oar viscosity drops substantially high, originally sometimes lubricious regressive oar is difficult. Thickener of new development printing, include thickener of new generation PAA, synthesize and natural go all out mix thickener, application goes against latex technology to produce particle finer evener thickener. These new thickener are the colour and lustre of ameliorable printed fabric, silky spend and osmotic.
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