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PV is exhibited release trends of 2009 popularity of Chun Xia fabrics

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2009 Chun Xia colour

Dominant of radical and relaxed colour whole season. Attitude make public, the manner is sturdy and red-blooded. Caused nature and artificial the dialog between. Be in 2009 Chun Xia, multicolored colour relates the beautiful story with a crystal vigor for people, present a the following characteristic: It is aggravating chroma, dreamy printing and dyeing, the chromatically of massiness, thick green green grass, bright blue sky, gorgeous flower, the color that connects land also is compared at ordinary times more dense. 2 it is tonal clarity, use 3 kinds of bright and pure neuter colour to regard mass-tone as tone, fundamental white, clear former add lustre to and gray. 3 it is a requirement perfect, from vigor 4 those who shoot relaxed style is integrated apply, acidity substance is added in all sorts of chemistry and caustic mixture, all sorts of odour interblend, be full of the flavour of an explosion smoke of gunpowder. 4 it is to be full of invasive incendiary, 3 kinds of natural colour, strong and dazzling.

2009 Chun Xia fabrics

Escape manacle, take out is curt, those who forget the past is depressing the massiness with material, everything in order to act light to go up.

Apply technology of accept rice spin to design the spin product of high quality, high density, go after exquisite feel. Choose gentle fiber, be just as the knitwear like the 2nd skin, exquisite do not experience the artificial synthesis fabric that give almost to skin. The fluidity of first consideration fabrics, wear be without weight almost on the body, do not restrain each movement of limbs completely also. Avoid formalist, stress fluent feeling, gift knitwear with vitality. Make cotton of reversible, high density, thick silk softness feels character. Throw into confusion set pattern, make geometrical design more vivid; Break up bouquet, divide flower design into fragmentary individual and dispersed. After the head that throws yarn-dyed rule, the scale of follow one's inclinations tie-in mix colors. Stripe of load one's writing with fancy phrases, cut off a horizontal stroke, grid make it askew shape, reflect a style with design, more favour is primitive the work of draft and conveniently doodle. Primitive and natural do grace is highly.

Free in double fabric collocation a variety of forms, praise highly is mixed build, the union of all sorts of styles is brought more the effect that grabs an eye. The plain, fiber that has former zoology appearance, be like ovation of flax, hempen, ramie. They are a kind of nature is indicative, can abstract the distinct effect that gives a kind of special ideal from which. At the same time not bureau be confined to 100% pure natural, pursuit " exceed " natural condition, rise natural exterior and artificial color tie, the design gives the high-tech fabrics that has linen-cotton goods exterior and feel, derive tweed surface is uneven modelling, beaded finish catchs the effect, make its present the style that gives illusion, use plain yarn in special construction part. Nostalgic in the west of exotic perhaps amorous feelings be being installed or reflect in ethical dress. Disentomb ceramic abounds adornment sex, explanation gives the style of halfback. With " careful hemp " the jacquard weave fabric of the stripe that will design squire style, grid and contemporary breath. Apply hit art, put different adornment together. The intuition that leading major and amateurish assemble easily all relevant things, use all sorts of styles set a standard, undertake with color the technology goes all out stick, add the expressional skill such as yarn-dyed, inwrought, printing, communication bridge is built between ethical wind and dreamy wind.
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